Bionicle, The Legend Continues (unofficial G3)

Some of you may have seen the MOCs I’ve posted lately, which are essentially a hypothetical way that Bionicle could be revived in Lego’s current buildable figure system. This is the story / retcon(s) that I imagine would accompany this unofficial G3

Bionicle the Legend Continues

After the exodus from the matorans’ universe and the reformation of Spherus Magna, the six Elemental Lords began reasserting their influence as the rulers of this planet, playing their games of thrones. It quickly became obvious to the matoran and agori alike that these lords were tyrants, who ruled with iron fists. Thus a rebellion was raised, led by Tahu and his toa-siblings. This revolt did not go unnoticed, and eventually resulted in a catastrophic battle where the Elemental lords – but also the six toa - were killed. The spirits of the toa then returned to the Ignika to rest with Mata Nui.

In the hundreds of millennia that followed, the matoran and agori species merged into something new and different, and so too did their language; for the name of their planet dropped its prefix as its component plants where forgotten, and as theirs accents changed the planet Magna became known as the planet Mechna.

The power to become Toa that had been present in the original matoran species faded, and these heros became more and more rare. One makuta, who had disguised himself as Turaga Makuro, eventually found the secret to replicating this power, and manufactured both heroes and villains, becoming this brave new world’s first war-profiteer.

While all of this occurred, Artakha ruminated in his loneliness, remembering all the events which had transpired in his home universe. He thought of his role, and that of his brother, Karzahni. He thought of Mata Nui and his own ‘proclaimed’ brother Makuta Terridax. But then mind was drawn to the Island of Mata Nui, where he had sent the Toa Mata – Tahu and his siblings – and where everything seemed to have started.

After learning of his brother’s death, Artakha sought out other beings like himself, but could find very few and eventually spiralled into madness, just as his brother had. In Artakha’s fugue state, his subconsiousness activated the powers of his kanohi, and twisted versions of his ruminations were created. The island of Mata Nui became the island of Okoto, he himself became Ekimu, and the prodigal brother arose as Makuta. Other beings were made to populate this island, some were even made in the memory of the Toa Mata, but all of these were devoid of spirit, like unignited coals, for his kanohi had the power of creation but not the power of life.

Many scenarios played out, like pawns moving on a chess board by his unseen hand, until Artakha’s creations finally were noticed by the outside world; the frantic use of his powers had awakened the spirit of Mata Nui, who then remade his own body using the Ignika and sought out Artakha. A great battle ensued, ending with Mata Nui curing Artakha’s madness and placing the spirits of the original Toa Mata within the physical facsimiles of them that Artakha had created.


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