Bionicle: The Magnian Wars by Pilot of Solace (Masterlist)

Hello there! This shall be a continuous topic where I post links to each chapter in my story called Bionicle: The Magnian Wars. Currently, the plan is to write 5 books for the story, and perhaps some additional side-stories along the way. Whenever I finish a chapter I’ll add the link to this post so you all can read it. I’ll also post links to my YouTube Channel so you can get a closer look at all the characters in the story, and a link to my Discord Server so you can get informed about any developments.


Book 1: Myths of Lekra Magna

-Book 1 will be here eventually-

Book 2: The Acolyte Project

Book 3: The Mortal Empire

Book 4: Realm of Salvation

Book 5: Life and Death