Bionicle The return: Season 1 Episode 4: A free trip to the Underworld

Htes awake on his sofa. Next to him there was Tahu.

  • Hello Sunshine! Htes said.
  • Shut up!
  • Where is the mask? Who was that being.
  • I have no idea. I know only that he take Kulta’s mask.
  • So what are we going to do now?
    Tahu take the Mask from the museum.
  • You know what it is?
  • A Skeleton Mask?
  • Exacltly!
  • I am so smart!
  • It is Skull Gun-Man’s mask.
  • So?
  • You aren’t smart anymore? One of us will wear the mask to teleport his spirit into the
  • Why?
  • Because we can find somebody there who can explain us what Kulta want.
  • Ok, I will be that guy.

Kulta was in Ekimu’s forge. In one hand he have the Mask of Creation, and in the other have his old

  • Tell me, Ignax, he said, how many Legendary Mask esist?
  • Five: the Masks of Life, Time, Creation, Control and Ultimate Power.
  • Exactly. Now you will see the sixth.
    Kulta put the Mask of Creation on his face and create a light from his forehead who entered in his
    old mask who became gold.
  • Know, Kulta said, while he put his new mask, this is the Mask of Death.
    After he put it on his face, his body became to glow, his shape started to change and he became a big titan.
  • How do I look?
  • Like a samurai, master!
  • Excellent! At the morning, we will destroy the island!

Htes put the Skeleton Mask in front of his face.

  • Are you sure? Tahu said.
  • Yes, Let’s do it!
    Htes put the mask on his face, and he fell on his sofa. He awake on a grey plain. Next to him there
    was a guy. No, not a guy, a cloud. A big ugly cloud who said ugly things.
  • What? He said.
  • I… I… I… said… aid…id… who are you?.. are you?
  • What an echo! I am Htes, Toa of Stone.
  • You…ou…u are still alive? …live?…ive?
  • Yes? Why?
  • Because you are in the underworld, a voice said, and here everybody is dead.
    Htes looked in his back and saw a image of a Toa of Stone: Pohatu.
  • Po… Pohatu?
  • Yes, young boy.
  • You are…
  • No, but where I am I can enter into the Underworld.
  • Awesome. When Tahu will heard this…
  • No. He don’t need to know this.
  • Why?
  • He will meet all of us, but not now. Look, Kulta is stronger than ever. Tahuu need to go to the
    Fire Temple, the place where the second Tahu find his Golden Mask. There he will win great powers and he will defeat Kulta.
  • And when he will meet you?
  • Soon, now it’s time to go!
    Pohatu put the hand on Htes’s face and take the Skeleton Mask. Htes disappear.
  • Hey!..ey!..y! the cloud said. This is my mask!..ask…sk!
  • Not now Skull Gun-Man.
  • Of…f…f…

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Credits to:
@yolo360nosescope for Htes
@Kikoa for Ignax
@Tyrigsus8V for Skull-Gun-Man
@Mister-N for Kulta, the Skull Samurai

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