Bionicle: The Return: Season 2 Episode 1: The Plan who failed

Tahu was kidnapped by some Kra-Matorans, again!
In the last week, a Kra-Matoran named Iron Hawk and his team of Kra-Matorans. They have a giant ship. Tahu was bound with chains, on a chair. In that room there was Iron Hawk and another two Kra-Matorans.
- So, Iron Hawk said, were are they?
- Who?
- The other Toa!
- I already tell you! They are deaths!
- And how do you survive!
But right then somebody kocked at door.
- Ho is there!
- Pizza!
- What? I don’t call!
- Come on, my man! I took a place over here!
Iron Hawk looked at the other Kra-Matorans.
- Did somebody asked for a pizza?
- Yes, I! a Kra-Matoran said.
- Really, Warter?
- Yes!
- Hey you, pizza guy! What sort of pizza you have?
- Meat and cheese!
Warter shacked his head.
- Ahhhh… Ok, Warter, take your pizza!
When Warter opened the door, a Toa jumped and kicked Warter in his face. It was Htes! He had a pizza in his hand and drop it into Iron Hawk’s face.
- Sorry fellows, but this Toa of Fire is my propriety!
- Catch him! Iron Hawk said after he took the pizza.
After this, he looked at Tahu who was in front of it. Tahu used his free leg and hit Iron Hawk… between the legs. Iron Hawk shouted and fell unconscious. Htes used his gold shot gun and break Kra-Matoran’s mask, leaving them unconscious. The he used his knife and cut Tahu’s chain. After this they ran over they arrive at a big hole in the ship.
- This is how I entered here!
- I even don’t want to ask!
They jumped in the hole and felled from 1000 meters.
- Did you even had a plan?
- What? Of course I did!
- Really?
- Hey, I saved you!
- And we will die!
- What! No we don’t!
From the sky a big red falcon and a green butterfly took Tahu and Htes.
- I present you Ikir, Creature of Fire, and Uxar, Creature of Jungle. They will take us to the City,
And there we will tell Ekimu about this kidnap!
- I am proud of you, Htes!

The two Toa were in front of Ekimu.
- This is bad! He said. This is the fifth time when you are kidnapped by that Kra-Matoran!
- And they always ask me the same time! Where are the other Toa?
- They are deaths! Htes said.
- I know!
- Listen! Ekimu said, if we want to see what they want, we need to two see who is their leader
- But how? We never arrive there! Htes save me too soon!
- Oh, sorry, next time I will give you the pizza and I am out! Listen Fire-Head, I have a plan!
- Ohh.
- So, you are kidnaped, I enter in the ship, they go to their leader. I get out from the ship, I kill
The boss, we go at pizza!
- Ok, but how can we know when they will kidnap me?
An explosion resounded from outside. Ekimu, Htes and Tahu went to the window. Above the city there was Iron Hawk ship.
- Toa Tahu! It’s me, Iron Hawk! If you don’t came in my ship, I will destroy the city!
- Wow, Htes said. Well, this is your chance! If you don’t do this, Everybody will die!
- Ok.
Htes and Tahu get outside, but before the Kra-Matorans could take Tahu, a missile hit Htes and left him unconscious. When he woke up, Tahu was gone.


Credits to:
@yolo360nosescope for Htes
@TLhikan for Iron Hawk Flyng Fotress


I'm assuming this is supposed to be comedy?

Yes. But I want to be some action too.