Bionicle: The Rewrite Trilogy

Here it is, my most ambitious project yet. I’ll just leave the Table Of Contents for now, but the Prologue should be up by the end of the week, if all goes well.

I won’t go into a superlong explanation, but I do want to outline three aims, or virtues, I want to keep in mind when writing this.

1: More Cohesion - Plot holes will be ironed out, and all (or at least most of) the various conflicting sources of story will be put together to make a single cohesive narrative.
2: More Development - Characters will be examined more closely; some may end up very different from their original selves. More complex motivations and interactions all around. Some sections will be very faithful to the original story, others may change things more radically to overcome the original’s shortcomings.
3: More Tiki - While nearly everything from canon will remain the same, certain concepts* will be changed or removed entirely to keep the mystical aspect of Bionicle’s story alive.**

**And love will be Canon.

(Also beware - This may take a while to finish.)

Book 1: Forging Unity

Act 1: Chronicles
-Part 1: The Beginning (Toa Mata vs. Infected Rahi)
–Chapter 1: Arrival
–Chapter 2: First Meetings
–Chapter 3: Takua The Wanderer
–Chapter 4: The Lava Lagoon
–Chapter 5: The Burning Comet
–Chapter 6: A Walk In The Jungle
–Chapter 7: Rama Hive
–Chapter 8: Sundials And Salutations
–Chapter 9: Catching A Chill
–Chapter 10: Triumph And Terror
–Chapter 11: First Descent, Part 1: Absence Of Valor
–Chapter 12: First Descent, Part 2: I Am Nothing
-Part 2: The Swarm (Toa Mata vs. Bohrok)
-Part 3: The Hunt (Toa Nuva vs. Bohrok-Kal)
-Part 4: The Mask (Toa Nuva vs. Rahkshi)
Act 2: Legends
-Part 1: City Of Legends (Toa Metru vs. Morbuzakh)
-Part 2: Mystery Of Metru-Nui (Toa Metru vs. Dark Hunters)
-Part 3: Voyage Of Fear (Toa Metru vs. Mavrah & Karzahni Weed)
-Part 4: Web Of Shadows (Toa Hordika vs. Visorak)
Act 3: Ignition
-Part 1: Land (Toa Inika vs. Piraka)
-Part 2: Sea (Toa Mahri vs. Barraki)
-Part 3: Sky (Toa Nuva vs. Makuta)

Book 2: Facing Duty

Act 1: Exiled
-Part 1: Desert Rebirth (Glatorian vs. Skrall)
-Part 2: Valley Maze (Mata-Nui vs. Element Lords)
Act 2: Reign
-Part 1: North (Toa Hagah vs. Tuyet)
-Part 2: East (Toa Mahri vs. Nektann)
-Part 3: South (Toa Nuva vs. Zyglak)
Act 3: Showdown
-Part 1: Showdown (Everyone vs. Teridax)

Book 3: Meeting Destiny

Act 1: Building
-Part 1: Mind (Toa & Glatorian vs. Lord Karzahni)
-Part 2: Body (Toa & Glatorian vs. Marendar & Batterra)
-Part 3: Soul (Toa Mahri vs. Golden Being)
Act 2: Dreaming
-Part 1: Dreaming Plague (Toa & Glatorian vs. Sisters Of The Skrall)
-Part 2: Nightmare Goddess (Toa & Glatorian vs. Annona)
Act 3: Destiny
-Part 1: The Yesterday Quest (Toa Atero vs. Kabrua)
-Part 2: The Powers That Be (Toa Atero & Toa Nuva vs. Kestora)
-Part 3: The Murky Tomorrow (Toa & Glatorian vs. Kestora vs. Great Beings vs. Velika)
-Part 4: The End


A bit ambitious, but I like the idea. Good luck!


Welp, I’ve lost interest :stuck_out_tongue:


This seems really interesting
What would be interesting is if you manage to incorporate the mechanical dinosaurs greg had planned for 2010 into the story


Sounds awesome! I hope it isn’t too much to handle.


At retconning the Red Star, or at the HukixMaku? Or both?

Not sure I will; if I do, they won’t show up until sometime in Meeting Destiny.

Thanks! And it undoubtedly will be (too much to handle) but hopefully I’ll at least finish The 2001 arc before this inevitably peters out… XD


If you need any help with ideas, I can help with some of my head-canon. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the offer, but I have no shortage of ideas - It’s just writing them down that will be difficult. :slight_smile:


I know what you mean. There is a reason you haven’t heard my ideas yet. XD


This shall be epic.


That’d be both :stuck_out_tongue:

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you’re gonna need it

I like the look of this, and you will certainly count on my viewing when it is released (especially since you retconed the 2 things I really wanted to Retcon this whole time)


I’m very interested in this. So I’m going to encourage you! ENCOURAGEMENT HAS BEEN BESTOWED UPON THEE!


Good Luck @ColdGoldLazarus!
May Lady Victory Smile Upon You!


Now, while you do this, I’m going to try and accomplish something in Shattered Universe.

It’s rather dead at the moment.

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Well … this has got me hyped :smile:. Are you going to make a new topic or update this one?

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Heh, fair enough. I can respect your opinion on the shipping issue, at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Thanks; I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you very much!

Indeed; I’m rather interested in seeing what happens to Raanu.

Then I’m doing well so far! And I’ll be updating this one. :slight_smile:

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Double posting for Creative Content. Here begins a great venture - I don’t expect I’ll see the end for several years. But if all goes well, we will see the end, and the end will be glorious. - Prologue: Summoning

Gathered friends, listen again to our legend… The Bionicle.

The two moons, gold and green, hovered on the eastern horizon, caught indecisively between rising and setting. In their drifting solitude, though, they left trails, streaks – a pathway of light skipping down across the ocean waves like a stairway to the stars.

The stars, twinkling white and spread out all across the night sky, seemed determined not to be outdone, shining down that night with all their might. It seemed there was no darkness to be found, if they had their way. The Red Star was also bright; its long, thin trail seeming to split the sky into two distinct hemispheres as it floated watchfully, so close and so far away from that tiny beach.

The beach, its tan sands bathed blue, was barely visible this hour, the gently roaring tides having risen to cover it in the constant rush of water and foam. Looming above it was a tall cliff of black obsidian, the volcanic rock having long-ago formed into smooth glassy surfaces divided by sharp edges. A staircase, formed not by nature but by the crude yet delicate work of a master carver, led from the beach to the top of the cliffs, where a short pathway ran between two monuments – the only sign of civilization in this otherwise empty region.

In the time before time, the great spirit Mata-Nui descended from the heavens, carrying we, the Matoran, to this paradise.

On an outcropping of rock pointing toward the sea was the first of these constructs, a circular platform with a curious device. Near this machine’s base was a small lens; from the top sprouted a unique armature, stretched out toward the heavens as though attempting to pluck the stars from the sky. A green jewel, carefully cut and polished, rested at the very end.

The other area, nestled comfortably in a slight inset in the wall, was more elaborate. Three tall sandstone pillars, leaning inward so that they just barely avoided touching, were spaced evenly around the circular edge. Each one was carved with curious circular symbols – a written language. From each also hung a small cloth banner, tattered and torn, while at their base were small indents, in each of which had been placed a small, golden-glowing crystal – a Lightstone. Small torches had also been placed into notches in the low surrounding wall, providing a flickering and unsteady aspect to the scene.

Just inside the slight protection provided by this perimeter was a small obsidian walkway running around the circumference; that in turn encircled a wide, deep pit – filled to the brim with sand. Resting in the very center of this sand circle, leaning crookedly to one side as though off-balance, was Mata-Nui.

The effigy was rounded and smooth, little more than a pebble worn down by the ages, but at the same time, it was so much more than that. Each notch carved into the abstract representation of a face had been placed as such very deliberately, crafted with analytical precision and undeniable love. This small pebble was indeed Mata-Nui. And arrayed around it were many smaller rocks, each seeming to bow to this solitary deity.

We were separate, without purpose… Lost… so the great spirit illuminated us with the three virtues: Unity, Duty, and Destiny. In gratitude, we named our island home Mata-Nui, after the great spirit himself.

An arm reached down, trembling with exhaustion but dutifully persevering as it gently scooped the smaller pebbles into six piles around the taller rock. The arm was a curious thing, muscles wrapped in a thin layer of grey skin comprising the upper length, while gears rattled and clicked in the elbow and forearm. The being the arm belonged to looked similar, its blending of organic and mechanical features retaining a sense of cohesion despite itself. It was clad in red and blue armor, streaked with dust and ash and somewhat hot to the touch. Its head was concealed by a large, diamond-shaped mask, with two glowing yellow eyes peering out from small eye holes. Slung over one shoulder was a small brown bag, which held an assortment of various items.

Once the being had finished arranging the stones, they walked around the circle, removing each banner from its bracket and putting it back with the other side facing outward, to reveal a unique symbol, along with a single word written in the same script as on the pillars themselves. They read “Unity,” “Duty,” and of course, “Destiny.”

The lightstones seemed to glow brighter for a moment as the being recited these words.

But our happiness was not to last. Mata-Nui’s brother, the Makuta, grew jealous of these honors, and betrayed him. Casting a spell over Mata-Nui, Makuta sent his brother into a deep slumber.

Reaching into their bag, the being withdrew another stone, this one made of an unidentifiable darkened crystal. A jagged crack ran across its otherwise smooth surface, resembling some cruel mouth. The being hesitated, trembling as they held the stone, but finally they hurled it down into the sand circle with all their might. The dark stone struck true, landing right beside the first and knocking it over to rest in the sand. The neat piles around the two crumbled, pebbles rolling out away from the others.

Makuta was free to spread his shadows across the land… and spread them, he did. The fields withered away, sunlight grew cold, and ancient values were forgotten.

Smaller stones, made of a sleek volcanic glass, were pelted down across the remaining piles, splitting them up further. A chill breeze blew, causing the being to shiver as the torches spluttered and dimmed. The sand itself seemed to take on a shadowed hue, something more than the flickering of the torches could have caused. The light of the stars above suddenly seemed more distant, more lonely.

A stronger gust of wind, and the torches blew out entirely, leaving only the lightstones to illuminate the scene.

Still, all was not lost. Legends tell of six mighty heroes, the Toa, who would arrive to save Mata-Nui. Together, they will stand against the darkness and re-awaken the great spirit.

The being once more reached into their pack, withdrawing one by one, six medium-sized stones, each of which subtly glowed with power. One by one, each was placed with outmost care among the other stones, surrounding the two spirits in the center. Red, blue, green, brown, purple, and white. One by one, they glowed brighter and brighter, until they outshone the moons, the very air seeming to hum with energy…


A massive shockwave of accumulated power – a shining beacon of light lancing into the sky – the air whistling in the being’s ears – and then a sharp impact. With a painful crack, the being struck a spur of rock jutting outwards from the cliff, and everything went black.

A metal cylinder floated on the tide, covered in seaweed and barnacles accumulated after far too many years adrift. One end was slightly rounded, with a series of indents spaced around the edge. As a bright beam lanced from the horizon high into the night sky, the indents began to glow in response. Slowly, the cylinder began to turn, trundling off toward the pillar of energy.

The Toa were on their way at last.


Fantastic, good job I like it :smile:



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