Bionicle: The Toy Chronicles

Chapter 1: The Arrival

What is this strange world Tahu has woken up in? Why is he wanted by these other Toa? Find out in the next episode of Bionicle: The Toy Chronicles! Coming soon to a TTV Message Boards near you!


This is wonderful! Will the next parts be posted here?

The next comic should be posted in this thread later today.

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Awww yeah, another owner of Gen Metroplex.

He's so awesome =3.
I'm looking forward to this, it looks great, and I have no idea how you could get all those stickers on Metroplex!

I envy those Masterpiece boxes...

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Okay, minor delay in the release of issue two. My iPad was acting up yesterday, so I couldn't upload the comic. Good news is, I resolved the problem. Now, on to issue two!

Issue Two: Stuff Begins to Happen

About 1hr later...

Yay for convenient ending! In the next issue, our heroes get down from wherever they are! On a side note, future issues will feature music!


Worth the wait smile

When we last met our heroes, they were really high up. They got down, but I'm not going into detail as to how that happened. Let's move right on to...

Issue Three: Tahu and Jaller talk to an old man.

Not a very productive issue, but I got to introduce one of the bad guys. Question is, who's his master? Find out in a future issue of... Bionicle: The Toy Chronicles!



I'm really jealous that you have Metroplex.

(btw the comics are cool too)


Jealous of a huge amount of stickers?

Can't wait for more smiley

Time to advance the plot again. This is when things start to pick up!

Issue Four: Replaced- Part I

Why does Furno have a grudge against Thest? Why are his minions photoshopped in? (Hint: I don't want to buy Armada Sideswipe) Will our favorite masters of the elements survive? Find out in the next issue!


I actually own Armada Sideswipe, and yeah...he's not a good figure.

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Yet another new comic! Updates may slow down in the coming weeks, since school is starting back up. Once this story arc wraps up, I'll be writing a Q&A session with the characters of the comic, so send some questions in. (If you feel like it. I'm not demanding it.)

Issue Five: Replaced- Part II

And so, our heroes defeated the Badly Photoshopped in minions of Furno! Will they have enough time to save Thest? What kind of questions will the readers ask the cast? Find out soon. Hopefully before school starts. Can't shoot a Bionicle Comic in Theatre Appreciation, can I?


This is great! Metroplex!

It's like bionicle combined with "the Indian and the cupboard".

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I'm sad to say that the continuation of this comic may end up being cancelled. Fret not, though, readers! For a new comic dawns upon the horizon! Eventually. Hopefully this weekend.


YU-GI-OH my goodness... I thought I was the last...

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I approve of Sanic.
Would read again

so um what happened to this? I would read if you make more

I believe that is you answer.