BIONICLE theory: Sidorak and Keetongu

Iruini and others think Keetongu is a myth.
Sidorak’s species hunted Keetongu’s species until only Keetongu remained.
Sidorak says “but Keetongu doesn’t exst!”
Keetongu can cure the Visorak victims

Sidorak finds out that Keetongu’s species, a rare little-known species, can reverse the effects of Visorak venom (or maybe just Keetongu himself), and tries to kill Keetongu and wipe away all memory of their existence. He kills all but one, kills all who know of them, and destroys all records of them. Sidorak knows Keetongu is real, but denies it. Then Keetongu gets revenge by killing Sid.


not a bad theory, I’ll take it

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Maybe Sidorak didn’t know that Keetongu is still alive, and thought that a whole kind was destroyed.
Maybe the whole thing with Keetongu still being somewhere was a myth that nobody was really sure, if it’s true, or if it’s fantasy.


That’s a pretty sound theory, but I kind of find it hard to believe that Sidorak would wipe out anyone who knew about the existence of Keetongu’s species. I would personally guess the slaughter of the Keetongi (?) took place thousands upon thousands of years before the events of WoS, leaving the Species to be forgotten.


Good theory

Makes sense out of a continuity error.

I would say maybe Sidorak himself may not know but he is one of those tales he heard when he was younger and then thought of it as only that hence why he didnt think he was real