Bionicle Toa Cordak Mocs (to be updated)

Completely remade arms (9th protype for him) Now Fully Articulated Fingers, with rotation at insertion to Palm, hinge at finger digit, opposable thumbs, but he has same shoulder elbow, knee and hip range of motion as in V2, weapon is different and is based on the one here:… (see Tahu mata Mechanical) ;Has double jointed friction ankles for more poseability, completely custom mask as in V2 but more fitting to his Hose theme, This time the Cordak Blaster is stripped of bulk and is shoulder mounted. Also armoured-up the legs some more. The arms at the shoulders can be locked via the spear tip at the upper posterior deltoid to support more demanding arm poses. Completely Custom: Mask, hand design with articulated fingers, feet, legs, torso, arms, weapon. 92 degree knee and elbow flexibility. I invented a new way of doing things for adding support to joints: the elbows have a pin running down through upper arms distal end onto which technic beams are attached, when rotated straight they hold up the forearm in 90 degree position. I needed this system because the grey ccbs friction increasers weren’t enough for the size and weight of the limbs and weapons on my mocs and now this is my new style, these 2 toa Cordak are my only 2 actually good mocs thus far now that I look at it now all my mocs will be super complete, slightly hulking, with different custom ways of achieving the similar: ie the several designs I will have for articulated fingered hands and each moc will use a different one, no more repetitions. I also developed a new way of adding interlocking cohesive but separable armor, hence at the knees of this moc. The neck design is custom and rotates.


My goodness, these guys are beefcakes.

They’re good MOC’s, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t look much like toa to me. I’m sure you have a reason.

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Yeah my reason is I tried Making Toa smaller and more slim in the past but I couldn’t satisfy my hunger and new style to make super complete mocs so I upped my size and yes they are huge compared to the sets which were neat but not properly fleshed out and highly lacking. I just found myself repeating my style too often from moc to moc when I worked smaller and now I am a fanatic of all custom builds. Yeah I understand what you are saying they definitely don’t fit the predominant Toa standard, and the fact that their masks are custom makes them harder to identify as Toa which is in itself a con. Anyways thanks for commenting, I have 6 more to go from this team

Really cool, I like the complexity!

They’re big, which isn’t a detriment but they’re quite busy technical mocs, I like the black and silver one more, seems the most consistently armoured to me, good job.

Thanks I try to Make The Next one Better than the previous

Thanks I’m glad you appreciate the complexity, finally someone does

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