Bionicle trivia Quiz! Test your knowledge

wrong combiner

Ok. I really like this idea @Geetonguga, so I decided to try make a quiz of my own. Perhaps slightly more difficult, but I didn’t include any questions I couldn’t answer myself:

  1. What was Lhii’s relation to Jaller, in the legends told by the Turaga?

Leader of Jaller’s warrior clan.

  1. Which Element Lords were female?

Sand and Earth.

  1. Which country was the island of Mata Nui modeled after.


  1. Which Dark Hunter is more inteligent according to The Shadowed One - Krekka or Airwatcher?

It is Krekka.

  1. What did Nuhrii want to do with the Ta-Metru Great Disk before helping Toa Metru find it?

Make an ultimate Kanohi Mask. Bonus +3 points if you can tell me which mask it was specifically Kanohi Pakari

6.What did Toa Metru use their Toa Power for, aside from awakening Matoran and making Toa Stones?

Heal Graalok.

  1. Which Matoran Virtue of the UDD symbol does Aqua Magna correspond to?


  1. What was the question to which Tahtorak of Metru Nui was searching the answer for?

How did I get here?

  1. Which Toa Mangai wore the Great Kakama?

Toa Mangai of Earth.

  1. What was the prototype name for Kanohi Avohkii?

Kanohi Korusca.

I am interested in your answers :slight_smile: !



Superintendent Geetonguga: “good lord what is that!?”
Seymour Senit: “I made a quiz for no reason.”
Super G: “For no reason!? at this time of day, at this season, at this part of the internet, localised entirely under another quiz!?”
Senit: “yes.”
Super G: “may I see it?”
Senit: …Yes

I got 8/10 Didn’t know the leader of Varian norik team. And Triglax


You make a fine iceberg XD. very cool picture.


Very nice. I got 4,5/10 :sweat_smile:


Lhikan. And Lhii looked like jaller. (I think)

Sand and earth(maybe it was rock i get those mixed up)

Denmark? Idk maybe spain I am very bad at geography

Krekka. I remember the quote: he made krekka look like a genius (or something along the lines of that

Idk i think he wanted to make masks

Healing Growlok the ashbear


I think it was how the hell he got there

Simple Earth.

Uuh Ignika idk

7/10 not that bad

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I’m an oldbie, as I got six right.

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  1. Left hand, it got removed by getting cut by the shadowed one as punishment
  2. Zakaz
  3. Kopeke
  4. 100, 85 male and 15 female
  5. Artakha
  6. Su, Ba, De and Kra
  7. Takua and Helryx
  8. Mask of sonar, allows user to sense objects using echolocation
  9. Puku
  10. Uuuhhh…C?


  1. All the piraka, a stelt bruiser, a vortixx, and a zyglak, mixed together with energized protodermis

  2. Uhhh… I dunno

  3. Iron, because by the time elemental lord were elected, the tribe basically functionally dead (is it the right word?) and disbanded.

  4. Earth

  5. I know it’s the combo model between toa hordika Nuju and Nokama and one of em killed entire Toa Lhikan’s early team, other than that, I have no idea.

  6. He escaped from being capture by the empire, with the help of Toa Naho

  7. Gravity

  8. Dont remember the name, but I know it’s a shapeshifter and it shape shifted himself once as Keetongu

  9. With the help of the red star, sticking to his back, I think, dont have clear memories about this one

  10. It was Mutran, and its name was planned to be called Artidax


  1. Wasn’t he supposed to be the leader of Jaller’s clan iirc.
  2. Earth and Sand
  3. Uhh…Denmark?
  4. Krekka
  5. He want to create a mask that would outshine his once pupil’s works, right?
  6. Uhh…Healing?
  7. Unity?
  8. How did he get here, away from his home
  9. The earth one right?
  10. Wait, there’s a prototype name for Avohkii??! I just knew that!!

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Well thats no fully correct. It was a large group of them. And according to BS01
the Toa had failed to examine the nearby icebergs which the beings used as camouflage and armor.

Good job! You got basically got 9/10.

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  1. Her left arm was cut off by the shadowed one. Idk why, probably because he taught her a lesson for her treachery or smth edgy like that.
  2. Zakaz. My Ignition Zoomer knowledge coming into play here.
  3. Kopeke.
  4. 100, 50 of each gender.
  5. Ekimu, the Mask Maker.
  6. Su, Bo, Ce, Kra
  7. Takua the dude and Helryx the tube
  8. Echolocation. They were really running out of mask powers by 07.
  9. Puku
  10. Who am I?

Shucks. It appears I am not a true fan.
Got 4, 6, and 10 wrong.

Idk, green? Seems like a reasonable color, iirc iron ore has a green tint before processing.

Guess I am a fool.

And I suppose I’ll try my hand here as well.

  1. Geez. All six Piraka, a Zyglak, a Vortixx, and a Steltian Bruiser.
  2. Dehydration
  3. Probably iron? Those lads had gotten themselves Annonad by then, probably.
  4. Sand?
  5. A mediocre 05 combiner between Nokama, Nuju, and Onewa. They invaded the Toa fortress Lhikan was stationed at in the beginning of that Piraka novel.
  6. Uhh, Tuyet killed him?
  7. Gravity
  8. One of the shapeshifting dark hunters. I forget his name but Varian had to choose between him or Norik when they were captured by tso.
  9. Rocket Boots, like Spock
  10. Idk. Matoro?

Missed 4, 6, & 10. I thought I did worse on this one, but it looks like not. I suppose it depends on how harsh of a grader you are, I did grade my own paper after all.

Yo! I like it too.

  1. Who is Lhii? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him.
  2. The blue one :sunglasses:.
  3. Denmark
  4. Krekka
  5. Make a really really good mask, of course!
  6. Making the Toa seal?
  7. Unity
  8. Why am I here? (This is dumb, imo, but I guess it makes sense. I’d want to know that too.)
  9. The Earth dude.
  10. Kanohi Takanuva.

Lmao, my lads keep making more and more difficult quizzes. I missed 1, 2, 6 (I had forgotten that that-one-ash-bear was a named character), & 10.

I’m sitting pretty at ~20/31. Probably the worst of the quizzees here, but still better than 99% of the population of the earth.

Now, I got a question for YOU, my boys. What are the composite sets of the Niazesk Combiner?

Pohatu, Vamprah, and Ignika.



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All of them but the prefix’s. You got me on that one.


That’s odd, that’s basically the only one I got right.


He’s the guy who built the Toa Mata. Weird bloke, doesn’t do much in the story, wears a crown shaped mask.

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You mean the Uniters, right? Name blows fricking “Mata” out of the water.


Vamprah Ignika and pohatu phantoka

Actually thats only half of the power. The other is underwater it makes you inflate and float on the water

Thats arthaka. The guy with the contest and green and gunmetal grey. Not gold and trans blue


---------> the joke

---------> your head


Since there’s a lot, and since it’ll be more interesting, I’ll only give the answers I got wrong or partially wrong.

6.What is the prefix of matoran of plasma, gravity, sonics and shadow?
Su-, Ba-, and Vo. Shadow matoran never used the Kra- prefix
10.What was the first word tought byTahu in the first book, tale of the toa.

8/10, not bad.

@Senit 's

1.What beings is The Golden skinned being made of?
The piraka, some more skakdi, some dark hunters and vortix. Maybe a Stelt guy.
5.What are the Frostelus?
Matoran who tried to expose themselves to EP in order to become stronger.
6.What happend to Tso in the Darkmirror?
I would assume either killed or was part of the rebellion.
7.Of What element was the Leader of Varians and Noriks team?
No idea. Don’t think it’s fire because Norik’s there. … Iron?
8.Who is “Grey”?

@ToaKebaka 's
1.What was Lhii’s relation to Jaller, in the legends told by the Turaga?
A legendary lavaboard surfer
2.Which Element Lords were female?
6.What did Toa Metru use their Toa Power for, aside from awakening Matoran and making Toa Stones
They healed a rahi Forgot it was a specific one
9.Which Toa Mangai wore the Great Kakama?
Le’ts be safe and say a toa of ice. There’s like 7 of them.
10.What was the prototype name for Kanohi Avohkii?
I wasn’t aware it had one


Specifically an ash bear cub.

That is practically the only I remember from that book.


Actually I think that cub is Graalok, the bear from Mask of Light.


Let me check bs01 real quick.

Edit: you are correct. They are indeed one in the same