Bionicle trivia Quiz! Test your knowledge

Hi. I have made 10 questions of different difficulties. Can you answer them all without visiting BS01?

  1. Which hand of Lariska is Mechanical? How was it removed?

Her left one. Removed as a punishment by the shadowed one

  1. Spiriah was The Makuta of …?


  1. Who became the chronicler after Hahli became Toa Inika?

Matoran Kopeke

  1. How many Makuta were created by Mata nui and how many males and females were there?

Mata nui created one hundred Makuta, eighty-five male and fifteen female

  1. The one who created toa mata was … ?


  1. What is the prefix of matoran of plasma, gravity, sonics and shadow?**

Su, Ba, De and Kra

  1. Who were the first Matoran and Toa respectively?

Takua and Heryx

  1. What does Kanohi Arthron do?

The Kanohi Arthron is the Mask of Sonar. It allows its user to sense the movement and positions of targets through echolocation

  1. All remember Jaller was called Jala and Hewkii was called Huki. But what was Pewku called before naming day?


10.What was the first word tought byTahu in the first book, tale of the toa.
a) Where am I?
b) Tahu?
c) Who Am I?

Option a) Where am I? Option c was his second and Tahu his third.

1/10 Newbie
2-6 Oldbie
7-9 Bionicle iceberg.
10/10 Chronicler


I challenged them without seeing answer!
The resalt is…

  1. Left, TSO did as punishment

  2. Zakaz

  3. Kopeke

  4. 85 males and 15 females

  5. Artakha

  6. Su, Ba, De, and None(Shadow’s suffic is Kra)

  7. Takua and Helryx

  8. It performs acoustic detection by sound waves. However, the effect is maximized in water, and the effect is significantly reduced on the ground.

  9. Puku

  10. c (failed!) :cry: :cry:


Isn’t that a prefix?


Hit me with more questions.

Yes, i’ll fix it.

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i got six and a half


Me too! those matoran prefixes are sometimes a pain.

7.83 out of 10. 0.50 points for 2 out of 4 prefixes. 0.33 points for knowing there were 100 Makuta, but I thought there were 70/30 split.
I liked that, please make more:)

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well done!

This is not mentioned in BS01 but i hope it will be canon.


Thanks. They were hard to do so will see if I make another. I am somewhat busy at the moment also.



What color I ron agori had before they adapted into orange?

Dark blue and gray

@Bukkey @Lesnichiy @Rukah


Left for angering Tso after failing a mission.

Would say stelt but thats a different one. Was it Xia?

My boy Kopeke

100 Makuta. 15 female 85 male. An 101 makuta and the 86 makuta came from the melding.


?, Bo, De, Kra

Takua, first Matoran, Av-Matoran and first Toa of light and Helryx first toa, first female Toa, first toa of water

Arthrone Great kanohi mask of Kindred, ability to copy Rahis abilities. In noble only Rahi in your area. Great all of them.


And i got Hahlis and Jallers mask mixed up dang

Blue and grey. Or blue and silver.


I had read once this answer of #1! :blush: :blush:

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I made a quiz for this for no reason:

1.What beings is The Golden skinned being made of?

1 vortixx, 1 steltian worker(1krekka), the 6 piraka, 1 zyglak

2.What does the Boggaraks Rhoutuka do?

on land dehydration in water inflation

3.What elemental tribe did not get an element lord and why?

the iron tribe when the experiment it was already disbanded

4.(Real world Trivia)What tribe was used as a placeholder for the iron tribe in the TLR2 script?


5.What are the Frostelus?

a (not rahi) species that attacked the Toa Team protecting the Makoki stone

6.What happend to Tso in the Darkmirror?

He fled with help form naho. His staff is in the archives as a trophy

7.Of What element was the Leader of Varians and Noriks team?


8.Who is “Grey”?

The dark hunter Triglax

9.How does the GSR “fly”?

like thor: Throwing the red star and holding on to it edit: @ToaKebaka pointed out that thats how he takes of. He flies through a rocketboost system

10.(Real world Trivia)Who was supposed to wear the Mask of Mutation originally and what was its name?

Mutran it was called Artidax


Gray and dark blue

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9/10! The questions nice and easy, just the last one tripped me up - I knew “Tahu” came after “Who am I?”, but misremembered “Where am I?” came before both.
Good quiz :+1: please make anotherone in the future!

SUGGESTION: Question six could award bonus points if you know what the prefixes are actually derived from (I would actually know that :smiley: )

9/10 for Senit’s quiz. Did not remember what happened to TSO in Dark Mirror.
Also I would have to slightly disagree on question 9 - GSR flies using his own built in rocket booster system in his legs, he only needs the Red Star for lift-off from the planets.


Really? Well some bit of misremembering. I did most of it from memory only needed to check bogoraks name and “grey” s spelling.

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  1. think it was her left arm (That’s the arm that’s usually mechanical in Lariska mocs, so I’ll go with that)? Her original arm was removed by TSO after Lariska presumably tried to keep some bounty for heself, iirc
  2. I think I saw someone else say Zakaz Zakaz!
  3. Kopeke the Ko Matoran
  4. uhhh, idk, lets see there’s Teridax, kojol, Makuta of Stelt, Icarax, Miserix, Mutran, antroz, vamprah, the black one, Gorast, Betil, and Krika. I don’t know if that’s all of them, but if it is, then it’d be 12 Makuta, 11 male, 1 female.
  5. Artakha, one of my favorite characters
  6. Su, Ba, De, Kra
  7. Takua, Helryx
  8. Mask of sonar So I guess sound waves and echolocation and stuff?
  9. Puku?
  10. A?

(I’m not going to count #2)

8/9. Guess I’m an iceberg now.


But it is hilarious to imagine GSR holding onto Red Star like a Thor :smiley:
Maybe in some alternate universe where Great Beings just built him that way.


Wow, got 9/10 on the first one (couldn’t remember Tahu’s first words; the first book slips out of my brain so easily), and significantly worse on the second.

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Yeah thats kinda how I saw it. But it could be in some alternate universe thats true.

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Senit test time

  1. The Piraka, a Vortixx, and a steltian worker?
  2. uhh um idk slows down the target?
  3. Iron, because they got wiped out beforehand
  4. fire? I really have no idea
  5. A rahi. I think it was that one combiner model that could shapeshifter.
  6. He got trapped in an alternate dimension. That’s a complete guess
  7. Gravity. I want to make a moc of him once I get fixed
  8. Krakua the toa of sonics
  9. idk science?
  10. maybe….Nocturn? And it was called the Kanohi IHaveNoIdeaThisTestIsPrettyHard?

Oh man, this test was pretty tough. I got 2.5/10