Somewhat of a self-explanatory forum game. Essentially one poster makes a post asking about something related to the BIONICLE lore, and the poster below them has to answer the question and then make another question about the BIONICLE lore for the next poster to answer.

Ex: "Who was the first Toa?"

"Helryx. Who was the leader of the Makuta before Teridax overthrew him/her?"

Now for the question:

What two Rahi nearly destroyed Xia in a large-scale duel before they were stopped by Toa?

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Kyogre and Groudon

Tahtorak and Kanohi Dragon

Which Piraka did Dalu manage to defeat?

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What were the names of the two matoran that travelled to the melding alternate universe

Mezeka and Vultraz.
(All hail King Vultrazz.)

This sounds cool, but if you looked up the answer, please say so.

What animal did Charia fry after speaking to Orde in The Yesterday Quest?

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A lizard.

Which two non-Light elements of Toa/Matoran did the Makuta hunt down out of fear?

Magnetism and Iron?
Which Makuta gave the Skakdi their abilities over elemental powers?

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Spirah? I think that's his name?

What planet did Mata Nui crash on?

Wasn't a planet. It was a moon called Aqua Magna.

How many Makuta did Mata Nui create?

Do we have an exact number? he created all of them.

Exactly 100.

How many element(s) originally were male but were changed to female?

  1. Psionics. Thank Orde for that.

How many canon Kanohi are there in the MU?

Didn't Artahka make some?

Nope. All the Makuta were created by Mata Nui. Mata Nui made 100 of them to control the MU.

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I need new glasses. I thought that said:

Don't you already have them, you scrub?

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It seems you do too. :laughing:


I could've sworn it said I need Glasses. I guess I do...

Why did Ryder Windham make Korgot Female?

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Because he felt there needed to be more balance between the genders.

Why did Makuta betray his brother?

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