BIONICLE/TTV Music Parodies

So TTV has made quite a few parody's in their time, so I felt like maybe having one place to discuss these things and come up with ideas for some new ones, so talk!

And if the staff finds this unneeded or in the wrong place, by all means, take action.

Uh.....No idea.

Okay, never mind, there isn't, but I could've sworn there was one...

Fixed grammar in title -Not_legomaster

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If you ever want to get insight into the early days of TTV, I'd suggest looking up Memories Made. Var's adolescent voice is priceless.

I have seen it.

and does anyone think they should do one called.........

....Man in the Miru?

It'd have to be done by ElJay.
I'm ready for a You're the Best parody about G2 Tahu.


"ive been talking to the man in the Miru, he's been telling me to chose a pin"

I'm positive that TTV's Boyfriend parody is the very first TTV video I ever saw.

As for what they should do next


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What would this be a parody of?

Man in the mirror by Micheal jackson .


Much in the same vein as 'Man in the Miru'...
Smooth Skull Spider


No clue what that song is.

Smooth Criminal?
Also, Poweful, a parody of Bad.
Just Buy it, Just beat it.
And, to round it all off...
Dirty Kulta.


And Memories, a parody of Centuries by fall out boy.

Get Masks, Get Luck by Daft Punk
I could make suggestions all day if I wanted to.


Please do.

Toa, a parody of Hero by Skillet.

Opened and assembled. a parody of Awake and Alive by skillet.

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