BIONICLE: Universe story outline

In the time, before time, I was the writer for the story of a fan game called BIONICLE: Universe. Now, about 2 years after IRL stuff forced me to resign, I revisited my old scripts and PMs and found that even 2 years later I really like the story I came up with. So, I figured I'd post it here and see what you guys think. It is very skeletal and it's copy and pasted from the last update PM I sent to DethRaid. There were quite a few other things I could piece together and add from the numerous PMs to show how in depth it all was, but I'm too lazy atm. If anyone has RPG making skills and wants to make this into a game, send me a PM and we could try working it out. I'm pretty sure DethRaid wouldn't care. ANYWAY, here we go:


A little over a year since the Great Cataclysm has passed. The villages are completed and new.

The Kanoka disks that were brought from Metru-Nui are mostly out of power.

Teridax arrives on Mata Nui. He uses Kraata to infect Kanohi, which he then places on Rahi.

The effect of the Matoran Spheres causes the Matoran to gradually lose their strength and memory.

Artakha hid 6 power level 8 Toa disks, 1 in each Wahi and 1 for each element, and they are found by 6 special Matoran. They all have the Onu-Metru special ability (the disk returns to it's thrower)

Each Toa Disk has an image of it's respective Matoran's default mask and his/her default name written in Matoran lettering.

A powerful earthquake strikes the island and affects all 6 Wahi and the 6 Matoran. The earthquake was caused by Makuta and was intrnded to damage the Koros, but it also causes the Toa Disks to be found.

Background info on each Matoran, mentioned in game or in a cutscene. What mask he/she wears at the beginning of the game, a talent that reflects his/her personality, a default name for each (I got them from here), and how/where he/she found his/her Toa Disk:

Ta-Matoran: Tama
Great Kanohi Kaukau
Good at forging weapons and tools
While he is lava surfing the earthquake strikes and causes a small island to rise up in the middle of the fiery lake with a disk on it

Ga-Matoran: Whetu
Noble Kanohi Ruru
Skilled at making/using nautical things
Finds a Kanoka tangled in seaweed while diving to get a weighted net that was dropped overboard when the shockwave from the earthquake caused a tidal wave

Ko-Matoran: Tamati
Great Kanohi Kakama
Excellent navigator
While he is snowboarding the earthquake causes him to loose his balance and crash into a wall of ice. The wall of ice shatters to reveal a Disk embedded within

Onu-Matoran: Piripi
Noble Kanohi Komau
Adept at training uninfected Rahi for different tasks
While digging a tunnel for a new highway, the earthquake causes a cave in and he stumbles upon a Kanoka in a previously unknown cavern

Po-Matoran: Hohepa
Great Kanohi Miru
Able to quickly find structural weak points
While working in the new quarry the earthquake makes him drop a large stone that is revealed to be hollow with a Disk inside

Le-matoran: Anaru
Noble Kanohi Huna
Talented marksman, especially with Kanoka disks
Practicing his disk throwing when the earthquake hits causes him to loose his balance and fall off the limb he was on into the swamp below. The disk he threw ricochets off several trees before hitting an unusually large Madu fruit, which bursts open to reveal a Kanoka and covers Anaru in goo

CHAPTER ONE: Matoran of Mata-Nui

Island of Mata-Nui

-Protect the Koro
-Resolve Crisis's caused by the Earthquake
-Speak to all the Turaga
-Get Disk Launchers

Gameplay starts with whichever Matoran the player chooses, at the spot where that Matoran found his/her Toa Disk. Some exploring that general area could be used as a way to practice/learn using the controls, then when the player leaves that area he/she goes to the Koro of the Matoran he/she chose.

When the player arrives at the Koro there is a crisis of some sort, either an Infected Rahi is attacking or the earthquake caused critical damage to the Koro that has to be solved in a way that doesn't endanger the other Matoran and with the use of his/her Toa Disk.

Having saved the village, the Matoran talks to his/her respective Turaga. I want write the Turaga's dialog in a way that reflects a mix of their personalities as Toa and as they were later as Turaga.

Throughout the story, the Turaga will drop hints that saving Mata-Nui is not the players duty, and his/her destiny lies elsewhere.

At the end of the players first conversation with his/her Turaga he/she has two Goals: Talk to the other Turaga and acquire a Disk Launcher.

After talking to the Turaga, talking to the other Matoran is optional. The player can then leave and head for another Koro or explore more of the one he/she is already in.

When the player arrives at whatever Koro, that Koro is being affected by a crisis previously mentioned for that Koro and there the player adds the Matoran of that Koro to his/her party when he/she starts on solving the crisis.


Disk Launcher quest:

Pekka owns 6 well used launchers and gave them to Tamaru for transport to Brander to fix.

Tamaru lost them when he was attacked by Rahi while traveling through Ga-Koro.

Okoth knows were they were lost, but can't help till she finishes her task, and to finish she requires Flax from Amaya.

Once the player has bought/traded/whatever for the Flax, Okoth tells the player or goes with the player to where the launchers are. The launchers are unfortunately in a Tarakava den/cave/home/whatever.

The Tarakava is NOT fitted with an infected mask so it only gets mad of you enter it's cave. The player has to somehow lure the Rahi out and retrieve the launchers without a confrontation.

Once the player has the launchers he/she goes to Ta-Koro and gives them to Brander to repair. However, Brander needs a few materials, some stuff from Tiribomba, some stuff from Mamru, and a set of blueprints from Jaa.

The player buys/trades/whatever for the stuff from Tiribomba.

Jaa needs help repairing tablets that fell and broke because of the quake. He gives the player the blueprints in exchange for help putting a few tablets back together. There are 3 tablets, the first is easy to put back together, the second is average, the third is hard. They're basically BIONICLE jigsaw puzzles with Matoran writing on them.

The stuff needed from Mamru was buried by the earthquake and the player helps to dig it out and Mamru is so grateful he gives the player what he/she needs for free.

The player then takes the stuff to Brander and he starts working on them. The launchers are completed by the next day.
I would assume that the player has acquired the Ta-Matoran for his/party, so maybe the player could fix them. It'd make an interesting little puzzle. There could be a work bench in Ta-Koro where the player can build/repair stuff if he/she has the Ta-Matoran, the materials, and the blueprints. That or once Brander has repaired them the player Ta-Matoran can use materials and blueprints from around the island to upgrade each individual Launcher, though still requiring the player to put together a little puzzle.

Crisis Quests:

A river of lava is headed down the mountain toward Le-Koro and needs to be diverted before a uncontrollable forest fire starts. There is are 3 points near the bottom of the mountain where the player can bring down part of a cliff face in a way that will redirect the lava flow (requires the Po-Matoran)

The crew of a Po-Matoran trader boat, consisting of Hewkii, Kamen, and Piatra, is wrecked on the reef, surrounded by Takea sharks, and the tide is rising. The player needs to navigate his/her boat through the reef to rescue them (requires the Ga-Matoran)

Note: I think it'd be funny/interesting if while the player is rescuing the three Po-Matoran crew members, Ahkmou shows up flailing in the water without any explanation. The reason being, of course, that Makuta teleported him there. Because of the chaos nobody questions his presence and because the Matoran's memories are still foggy they sort of recognize him, at least to the point of knowing his name and assuming he'd been there all along.

An avalanche buries several Matoran's homes in chunks of ice. The player needs to remove the ice chunks so the Matoran trapped inside can escape. The homes, however, are on the edge of a cliff and removing the ice in the wrong way will cause a larger avalanche (requires the Ta-Matoran)

The other Matoran working on the highway are trapped in the tunnel. The player needs to dig his way through without causing the tunnel to collapse more (requires the Onu-Matoran)

Somewhere along Leva Bay there was a dam that was damaged in the quake. The player has to freeze the cracks and keep the dam up long enough for the Po-Matoran that were working there to escape (requires the Ko-Matoran)

The support from several Matoran huts has been damaged and they are precariously balanced on a single tree limb. The player needs to clear away debri with without upsetting the balance so the trapped Matoran can escape. (requires Le-Matoran)

Rahi crisis (can happen in any Koro randomly):
Nui-Rama (easy)
Nui-Kopen (medium)
Nui-Jaga (medium)
Kane-Ra Bull (hard)
Muaka (hard)

When the player goes to a Koro he/she should see an area where the crisis is taking place and if he/she walks up to the crisis a nearby NPC explains what's going on and the player offers to help. Once the player has offered to help he/she can't leave the Koro until the crisis is resolved. A crisis will not pop up until the player has whatever Matoran is required to resolve it.

A Rahi Crisis happens randomly, at any location, and is unavoidable. The player could go to a Koro and nothing be happening and leave and go back and there's a Rahi attacking. When a Rahi is attacking the player can't leave the Koro until the Rahi is subdued by knocking off/destroying the infected Kanohi.

If the player goes outside the Koro then he/she could encounter other Rahi native to that Wahi, also under the control of Makuta. However, you can leave at any time if attacked outside the Koro.

Side Quests:

All side quests are relatively short and easy, train in one or more skills, and give the player unity points based on how the player did.



Help Marka repair her boat. Trains in Healing + Materials to upgrade the players boat

Note: I am operating on the assumption that once the Ga-Matoran joins the party the player can use her boat as long as the player remains on Mata-Nui. It could be upgraded in numerous ways; including, but not limited to, speed, maneuverability, maximum passenger or storage capacity, and durability. Upgrades could come from quests, random items (see next note), paying Marka to upgrade it, and/or other stuff.

Transport Po-Matoran Crew to Po-Koro. Trains in Navigation + Widgets

Help Kai retrieve her fishing gear from the bottom of the bay. Trains in Swimming + Trains in Fishing. Maybe Kai could also give the player her old fishing equipment.

Note: I think you mentioned somewhere that there would be some sort of treasure at the very bottom of Naho Bay. While I probably will include something like that later, this quest is not it. Also, I was thinking there could be a bunch of random items, both useful and useless, sunk to the bottom that the player could pick up. Maybe the item could be indistinct until the player picks it up, then the game will randomly select an item. You get the idea. I think Razz

Help Kotu nurse an injured Fusa back to health. Trains in Healing + Extra Unity points




Not sure about any details yet, but the middle of this quest popped in my head and I wanted to use it:

The player needs/wants to get something from someone. That someone wants some stuff from a carver. The carver doesn't have time to make the needed stuff until he delivers a warning totem Onewa had him make from a specific rock for Ta-Koro. The player offers to take the warning totem to Ta-Koro for the carver so the carver can work on the other stuff. The carver agrees and the player takes the warning totem to Vakama in Ta-Koro. When the player returns to the carver he has completed the stuff and the player takes said stuff to the original somebody and gets something.

Note: I'll probably make this part of a larger quest in a later chapter.



For the most part there are 2 types of things you can talk about throughout the game with most NPCs. The specifics will of course change each chapter, but most dialogue will fit one of these categories.

Random time filling info gathering:
What the NPC is doing
The Koro
Current events

Goal specific:
Toa Disks
Disk Launcher

Dialogue in Ta-Koro:

Turaga Vakama

Hello , what do you wish to speak of?

Disk>Legends tell of such Kanoka. They were forged in the honor of mighty Toa in the time before time.
you>I am unharmed.
quake>I fear Makuta, the Master of Shadows, may have returned.
Koro>The Koro is fortunately not badly damaged, though it could have been much worse.
Toa>Legends say the Toa are powerful heroes, who protect the Matoran in any way they can, and always strive to follow the three virtues, Unity, Duty, and Destiny.
Ta-Matoran>I believe all our brothers were lucky enough to have avoided serious injury.

Ta-Matoran: "Turaga Vakama, I need to speak with you."
Vakama: "You will need more than that before long, I fear. What do you wish to speak of?"
Ta-Matoran: (takes out disk and hands it to Vakama) "This. I found it while I was lava surfing and the earthquake made a small island emerge in the center of the lake."
Vakama: (examines disk carefully) "Legends tell of such Kanoka. They were forged in the honor of mighty Toa in the time before time."
A: "What is a Toa?"
B: "This Disk has my name AND mask on it, but I'm no Toa!"
C: "What is it for?"
A: "Legends say the Toa are powerful heroes, who protect the Matoran in any way they can, and always strive to follow the three virtues, Unity, Duty, and Destiny."
B: "Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but you are destined for more than you could possibly understand at this time."
C: "Prophecies foretell the coming of six mighty heroes, who will protect the Matoran in these dark times. You must go and speak with my brothers and sister Turaga, and see if there will not be other Matoran who have found Toa Disks like you. (hands Disk back) Oh, and perhaps a Disk Launcher would be in order."
Ta-Matoran: "Thank you Turaga Vakama, I will do as you suggest and seek out the other Turaga."

Aft (Lava Farmer)

Agni (Ta-Koro Guard)

Aodhan (Lava Farmer)

Brander (Crafter)

Jala (Attendant, Captain of the Guard)

Kapura (Ta-Koro Guard)

Kalama (Ta-Koro Guard)

Keahi (Ta-Koro Guard)

Maglya (Lava Surfer)

Nuri (Ta-Koro Guard)

Tiribomba (Lava Farmer)

Vohon (Ta-Koro's Trader)

Dialogue in Ga-Koro:

Turaga Nokama

Hello , what's troubling you?

Disk>gasp This is a Toa Disk! They were forged in honor of powerful Toa in the distant past.
you>I am fine, thank you. Are you also unharmed?
wave>It seems there was a massive earthquake.
Koro>It seems that most of the structures are undamaged, but personal affects and decor has been strewn about or lost in the bay.
Toa>Toa are legendary heroes that the Great Beings sent to protect the Matoran in times of need.
Ga-Matoran>There doesn't appear to be any serious injuries.
island>Quite possibly, it was a very powerful quake.
name>That is a question I cannot answer, for I know not your destiny.
cause>I cannot say for certain, but I fear it may have been the work of Makuta.
action>Go and speak with my brother Turaga, perhaps they will be able shed more light on this mystery. You may need to use that, a Disk Launcher might be of use.
Makuta>He is the jealous brother of the Great Spirit.
launcher>I recall Okoth said something about several that a Le-Matoran was transporting.
Thank you Turaga, I will do as you say.

Amaya (Flax Maker)

Hahli (Assistant Flax Maker)

Kai (Sailor)

Kailani (Crafter)

Kotu (Rahi Tender, Attendant)

Macku (Attendant)

Marka (Shipwright)

Nireta (Navigator)

Nixie ("The Astrologer")

Okoth (Ga-Koro's Trader)

Pelagia (Shipwright)

Shasa (Weaver)

Vhisola (Unknown, Worker repairing the Koro from the earthquake damage)

Dialogue in Ko-Koro:

Turaga Nuju

The Turaga greets you and says, to ask you what, uh, what, what it is you need to talk about?

Disk>This is, uh, a Toa? Toa Disk. A powerful Kanoka that was made for a great hero.
Toa>Toa are legend, er, legendary beings with the... Duty of protecting the Matoran.



hero>The Ka-Kanoka has your name and mask, .

Ko-Matoran: "Turaga Nuju, there is a matter we need to discuss."
Nuju: (translated by a still learning Matoro) "The Turaga says, um, to ask you what, uh, what, what it is you need to talk about?"
Ko-Matoran: (takes out disk and hands it to Nuju) "This."
Nuju (translated): "This is, uh, a Toa? Toa Disk. A powerful Kanoka that was made for a great hero."
A: "'Toa'?"
B: "Who is this great hero?"
C: "What should I do?"
Nuju (translated):
A: "Toa are legend, er, legendary beings with the... Duty of protecting the Matoran."
B: "The Ka-Kanoka has your name and mask, Matoran."
C: "You should, uh, seek the assistance, no guidance, of my brother Turaga. A Kanoka, or Disk... Disk. Disk Launcher might be useful as well."
Ko-Matoran: "Thank you, Turaga Nuju. (takes Disk back and bows slightly. Nods at Matoro) Matoro."

Arktinen (Ice Smith)


Jaa (Scribe)

Jaatikko (Architect)

Kantai Hermit who lived in the Drifts)

Kokkan (Ko-Koro's Trader)

Kopeke (Carver)

Kylma (Adept and Prophet)

Lumi (Seer)

Matoro (Attendant)

Pakastaa (Sanctum Guard)

Talvi (Sanctum Guard)

Toudo (Rahi Trapper)

Dialogue in Onu-Koro:

Turaga Whenua

Onu-Matoran: "Uh, Turaga Whenua? May I speak with about something?"
Whenua: "You are always welcome to speak with me, what did you wish to talk about?"
Onu-Matoran: "I found this in a small cave when the quake hit." (hands disk to Whenua)
Whenua: (examines disk) "History speaks of such things as legends, this is a Kanoka made to honor a mighty Toa."
A: "What were Toa?"
B: "Why was my name and mask forged onto the Disk?"
C: "What would you have done in my place?"
A: "Toa were heroes of great power that protected us in times past."
B: "I cannot say, but it doubtless means you are Destined for more than you know."
C: "I would have looked to the past to guide me. It has often been that six heroes arise at one time, perhaps you are not alone in your find. It would be wise to speak with my fellow Turaga. You might also seek a Disk Launcher, historically speaking when you have a Kanoka a launcher can be of considerable use." (gives disk back)
Onu-Matoran: "Thank you for speaking with me Turaga, I will heed your words and seek the other Turaga and a Launcher."

Aiyetoro (Miner)

Akamu (Crafter)

Azibo (Prospector)

Damek (Guard)

Dosne (Mining Captain)

Kaj (Guard)

Mamru (Chief Prospector)

Midak (Ussal Tender)

Nuparu (Engineer)

Onepu (Attendant, Captain of the Ussalry)

Taipu (Miner)

Tehutti (Miner)

Zemya (Onu-Koro's Trader)

Dialogue in Po-Koro:

Turaga Onewa

Po-Matoran: "Turaga Onewa, may I speak with you?
Onewa: "I am always willing to listen to one of my young brothers. What about?"
Po-Matoran: "A stone in the quarry was shattered when the quake hit and this was inside."

Ahkmou (Trader)

Ally (Po-Koro Guard)

Bour (Bricklayer)

Epena (Quarry Master)

Gadjati (Carver)

Golyo (Mahi Herder)

Hafu (Master Carver, Kolhii Player)

Hewkii (Attendant, Kolhii Player)

Kamen (Carver)

Kivi (Carver)

Pekka (Carpenter)

Piatra (Guard)

Podu (Kolhii Player)

Dialogue in Le-Koro:

Turaga Matau

Le-Matoran: "Turaga Matau, we must deap-talk."
Matau: "Certainly ever-brave Matoran, about what must we deep-talk?"
Le-Matoran: (tosses disk to Matau) "Quick-found this while up-tree practicing my disk-throw. The ground-shake was hard-luck for my throw and my disk hit a huge-big Madu fruit that blew up. Crash-bang! I went down-tree ever-quick to to seek-find where my disk hard-fell and found this on the ground-path."

Boreas (Gukko Defense Pilot)

Kongu (Attendant, Gukko Force Captain)

Kumo (Disk Maker)

Makani (Musician)

Orkahm (Gukko Defense Pilot)

Sanso (Musician)

Shu (Gukko Defense Pilot)

Taiki (Gukko Defense Pilot)

Tamaru (Forest Navigator)

Tuuli (Le-Koro's Trader)

Vira (Gukko Defense Pilot)

At the end of ever chapter the story can split 3 ways based on how many Light/Shadow points the player has. If the player has 0 then there's a neutral story, if the player has 1+ Light points there's a good story, and if the player has 1+ Shadow points there's a bad story.

They would, of course, be parallel stories. The same things scenarios would happen, but the goals the player pursues and the way NPCs treat him/her would be different, and the difference would become greater and greater the farther along the player gets in the game. The light or shadow choices would also become more and more drastic as well, probably earning the player more and more Light/Shadow points for whichever side he/she chose.

This chapter ends when the player has completed the Disk Launcher Quest.

Then the player can then decide whether to just keep the launchers or take them to the rightful owner (the Po-Matoran Scholar).

If the player does the first he/she gets 1 Shadow point. Maybe Teridax leaves a note in the hut of the main Matoran the player chose at the start of the game, saying he/she is progressing well, written in Matoran, and signed "Makuta".

If the player does the second the Po-Matoran tells him/her that he has no real use for the Disk Launchers and gives the launchers to the player for free, since he/she went to so much trouble to retrieve them. The player would also get some Unity points and 1 Light Point.

There is no third ending for this chapter since theres no way to end with 0 Light/Shadow points. There is no major difference in the second chapter as far as story goes, except that NPCs won't trust you as much, so it'll be harder to haggle and such.

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Sorry I have to double post, the whole thing was 800+ characters over the limit

CHAPTER TWO: Matoran Into Toa

Island of Mata Nui



Areas that the player couple access before in the different Wahi become accessible because of the disk launchers. There would be some sort of gap that the player couldn't cross before because his/her Toa Disk couldn't be thrown far enough. The area with the gap would be accessible however, and if they wanted the player could try to throw the disk, but it would come back and the Matoran would say something along the lines of, "I can't throw it far enough!"

My idea for these areas is that they are in the Wahi, but not part of the Koro. So they wouldn't have any buildings or NPCs normally. Depending on how I work out this part of the story there might be a few NPCs out there at some point.

I haven't planned out exactly how it will work yet, but the main threat this chapter will be a Kirikori Nui swarm caused by Makuta. The areas that open up once the player gets his/her disk launchers will be key in different ways to defeating the swarm and have a lot to do with the quest for this chapter.

After beating some sort of major boss (Probably a Rahkshi of Insect Control) the player finds 6 Toa Stones. How exactly I haven't yet decided.


Crisis Quests:

Side Quests:




Island of Mata Nui



Once the player has all the Matoran in his/her party and has solved each crisis, the Matoran can go to the Kini-Nui and there they put the 6 Toa Stones in the Suva Kaita. Then there's a cutscene that sort of resembles the scene in the second movie when the Toa Metru become Toa.

One of the the next things they'll need to do is collect the Makoki Stones. BS01 doesn't specify where the stones were after Metru Nui, so I'll just assume the Turaga kept them and they were stolen by Matoran wearing infected masks.

At this point I think I'll add some tidbits about the Kraata. The Turaga started capturing them to prevent Matoran masks from being infected. I think I could have a few Matoran be controlled by Makuta, possibly including Ahkmou, cause some trouble. They would be the ones to steal the stones.

Makuta keeps them busy enough with protecting Matoran from Rahi and other disasters, while having multiple infected Matoran mindlessly attack other villagers and having several others try and break down the Koro from the inside in a more subtle way. With all this going on collecting the Makoki stones will almost be forgotten.

I want to include somewhere in this timeframe the formation of the Ta-Koro Guard, Onu-Matoran Ussalry, Sanctum Guard, and the Le-Matoran Gukko Force. The battle that chars the Charred Forest could take place shortly before the Toa have collected all the stones and leave the island.

I'll try and avoid violent stuff, however, and focus more on helping the infected Matoran that are forced to betray their brothers and sisters. There will be a lesson in unity, duty, and destiny in there. A lot of these ideas come from here.


Crisis Quests:

Side Quests:




Island of Mata Nui



After the chaos of the Matoran betrayal and all, a relative calm sets in and finding the Makoki Stones returns to priority.

Meanwhile, our ever crafty Makuta tries out his Shadow Plague, which doesn't really do much, but there could be random purple gas clouds in the Koro that have negative effects if walked through. The effects could be similar to some of the stage 1 and 2 Kraata of different types.

I also have an idea in the back of my mind for a recurring villain, an arch-enemy or possible ally depending on if you choose light or shadow. I'll figure out more later, but the gist of the idea is a Rahkshi of (not sure what kind yet, probably illusion or confusion) controlled by a Shadow Kraata. One thing that never showed up in the canon, but is canon, is a Rahkshi controlled by an intelligent, Matoran language speaking, Shadow Kraata. Possibly he could become a playable character if you choose shadow enough times that your team leaves you.


Crisis Quests:

Side Quests:



CHAPTER FIVE-?: City of Legends




Once he/she has the Makoki Stones the player can either,

A. Stay on Mata Nui, beat up Rahi, collect tools and so on. MAYBE I'll add a chapter 4.5 the player can play or skip if he/she wants
B. Open the Suva Kaita and attempt to defeat Makuta, but actually wind up going to Metru Nui and beginning a second story arc.

If the player chooses to stay on Mata Nui, he/she can always change his/her mind and return to Kini Nui and go to Metru Nui. However, it's a one way trip. Maybe later in story there's a way to go back, but for now Makuta blocks any attempt to return. He tricks them into leaving Mata Nui so that they can't interfere with his plans.

Adding to Makuta's plans, here it mentions that Icarax causes some trouble in Metru Nui. Teridax, the Makuta with a back up plan for breakfast, could quite possibly be scheming to get 6 unwitting allies in stopping the troublesome Makuta.

The timeline puts those events at 1000 years ago, a bit less than a year before the story of the game is taking place. However, the events recorded in Chapter 9 of The Mutran Chronicles are not specific about the time, so I think the timing is close enough to fit it into the game without compromising the canon. While the story of the game is not canon I want to try my best to make it so it could very easily fit into the canon. I also think the battle between Teridax and Icarax would make for an awesome cutscene, an animated short that can be unlocked, or something like that.


Crisis Quests:

Side Quests:




A few things I definitely want to include later, some starting in Metru Nui, are:
The Dark Hunters
The Brotherhood of Makuta
The war between those two factions
The Order of Mata Nui, though they would remain very secretive and the player wouldn't learn much about them.

I also want the player to be able to traverse a large amount of the Matoran universe.

After the Metru Nui story arc the next story arc would probably take place on several islands. Mainly the Northern Continent, Stelt, Xia, and Zakaz. However, above all I would love for the player to go to the island of Artakha toward the end of the story, with the Toa completing their Destiny there.


Based on the number of Light/Shadow points the player has, his/her Matoran would either wind up alone (or with a team of villains) on Destral and become a high ranking servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta OR he/she winds up on Artakha with the whole team and they become Toa of Artakha. In freeplay the player can either can only go to Artakha if he/she chose Light and can only go to Destral if he/she chose Shadow. Another thought, if the player managed to end with 0 Light/Shadow points or just a few either way, he/she either joins the Dark Hunters or the Order of Mata-Nui, depending on what type of point she/she got to get him to 0. Like with the other 2 possibilities the player can only go to Odina if he/she choose a path that joins him/her to the Dark Hunters and the player can only go to Daxia if he/she chose a path that leads to joining the Order. Idk for sure, the specifics will have to be worked out later.

Once the player has completed the main story he/she is able to freely explore everywhere he/she has been, plus maybe a couple places that aren't in the story. Including most of the islands that are named here. In freeplay the player can do random side quests, maybe some mini stories for the islands that were unlocked.

Also also in freeplay after the story is complete, if the player got exclusively Light points all the way through the game and never got a Shadow point, he/she could become a Toa of Light, and if the player only got Shadow points and never got any Light points he/she could become a Toa of Shadow.

A couple other possibilities for once the story is complete:
The player could replay parts of the story with all the upgrades and stuff he/she has now
The player gets his own little customizable island

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So, this would be set to happen before MNOG? Sounds really interesting, and I like the story you came up with.

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Thanks! And yeah, if I remember the timeline right this story takes place about 999 years before MNOG

so about a year after metru nui XD

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Yep, as stated in the first sentence under prologue. Lol, this is because in Time Trap Teridax agreed not to do anything to the matoran for 1 year, giving reason for the start of conflict and time enough for most locations to have been built new and ready to explore

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