Bionicle Upscale Series: The Toa Mahri

“If you are truly about to face great trouble-danger on behalf of Mahri Nui … we would be honored to call you Toa Mahri.” — Defilak, Prisoners of the Pit

The Toa Mahri

Toa Mahri Hahli

Toa Mahri Jaller

Toa Mahri Nuparu

Toa Mahri Hewkii

Toa Mahri Kongu

Toa Mahri Matoro

With Takanuva

With Jodem

Best friends reminisce of the good old days

A Hero’s Sacrifice

In my story / continuation of the original Bionicle G1 Story, the Toa Mahri swap out their Cordak Blasters for Elemental Energy Blasters (A weapon that for the time being is thought to only be of Diiroan technology, so its appearance in the Matoran Universe is a mystery).

Toa Pohatu Nuva finds a strange, non-fuctional Elemental Energy Blaster lodged in a rock wall of Karda Nui during the Final Battle. Upon the Toa Nuva’s return to Metru Nui, Toa Pohatu Nuva hands off the weapon of unknown origin to Toa Mahri Nuparu.

Nuparu studies and reverse-engineers the weapon for the Toa Mahri’s use against Teridax’s forces following the Makuta’s takeover of the Matoran Universe. Nuparu particularly is fascinated with this new device, as it harnesses elemental energy into a projectile more powerful than a Cordak rocket, while also not requiring to be reloaded during battle.

It is canon that Matoro (despite his sacrifice) possesses / uses an Elemental Energy Blaster of his own created by Nuparu. How this is so will not be revealed at this moment.

Toa Mahri Nuparu has ceased use of the Razor-Edged Protosteel Shield and made his Aqua Blaster Blade his main weapon.

Toa Mahri Kongu is said to have gotten a new melee weapon upon the Toa Mahri’s return to Metru Nui. His new weapon is the Clawed Protosteel Gauntlet.

Intended to upload this last week, but had some technical issues behind the scenes. Worked out for the best I think though because I made some minor changes to them the other day. Also needed a better paint for the portion of Hewkii’s Kanohi.

Creator’s Commentary:

Favorites (Most to Least): Matoro, Nuparu, Hahli, Jaller, Kongu, Hewkii

Order of Creation: Hewkii, Jaller, Nuparu, Kongu, Matoro, Hahli
Order of Completion: Nuparu, Matoro, Jaller, Kongu, Hahli, Hewkii

I was inspired to make an upscaled version of the Toa Mahri following my creation of my upscaled Toa Nuva this past summer. Building commenced directly following creation of the Nuva during the period of Summer-Fall 2020.

Yes, I cut of the side tube attachments on the Volitak and the Tryna; the asymmetry of the Kanohi deeply upset me. I made Hewkii’s Garai into a complete Kanohi using system parts and a cut mouth portion of a spare Vahi I own that was badly bent from play and storage during my childhood.

I ended up replacing the Cordak Blasters with my original weapon of the Elemental Energy Blaster as the Cordak Blaster is far too heavy and clunky for posing and displaying. In-Story, Jaller, Hahli, and Nuparu themselves relinquished their Cordak Blasters during their mission to Artidax as they found the blasters too heavy and distracting for stealth missions. The Elemental Energy Blaster is Nuparu’s solution and improvement on the Cordak Blaster.

As with many of my MOCs and teams, I worked diligently to give each character their own unique armor and design. The Toa Mahri have a number of design choices to unite them as a team and show their parity as a team.

Lastly I gave all them different eye colors like the Toa Metru. I think its unfortunate LEGO stopped this trend for different eyestalks after the Toa Metru so its a design choice I now implement in all my MOC teams. Only Jaller and Matoro have the same eye color as their Toa Metru counterparts.


I like the new weapons.
You also fixed the weird asymmetry with Hewkii and gave him a hand.
I really like these, keep up the good work.

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Hewkii for sure had the most overhaul in design lol. Tbh I completely forgot the Skopio XV and Telluris came with the Metru limbs in Keetorange (when I first started building my Hewkii Mahri revamp, I used black Metru limbs). The Keetorange Metru limbs are really rare, but it was worth it to order them to make a proper Hewkii.

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That’s for sure.

don’t really like kongu’s chest, everything’s amazing besides that.

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These are your best MOCs yet! I’m really liking Matoro, Jaller, and Hewkii! I’ve seen the stud attaching to the 2015 add on in various MOCs, especially ones by @BobTheDoctor27. How do you do that? Is there non-purism involved?


@GoodGuy2006 Using the Metru armor as chest armor and his huge traps are certainly unconventional, but I think I accomplished my goal of a buff Toa of Air, which is certainly against the norm for Toa of Air. (plus as Captain of the Gukko force, I think it is really fitting for Kongu to be buff).

@The_Blue_Panda Definitely non-purism haha, I use sticky tac to add the heartlights when there isn’t a stud connection. I do think though that sometimes other MOCists use a smooth stud for a legal attachment to the 2015 add on, haven’t tried it myself though so don’t quote me on that.


it just looks a bit too flat and undetailed to me.
also, just realized none of your guys have waist articulation.

that’s fair, the focus for me is more on the traps/shoulder armor.

Also I don’t typically incorporate waist articulation in my MOCs as I don’t have the most experience incorporating it, and also I’m more of an aesthetic / display MOCist. I hope to compensate for articulation issues with character design / personality

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makes sense. well, let’s hope over time you can maybe find a way to have both a good aesthetic as well as waist articulation.

there’s elements of these that I like but I just can’t get behind matoro mahri mocs that get rid of the hunch.

Somehow you did it…:exploding_head:
These builds are such that one could totally see the characters looking like this in the Miramax films.:+1:
Excellent work.:+1:


The Miramax films definitely have an inspiration on my MOCs, especially my Toa Nuva. I always liked how the movies standardized characters’ proportions much how like MOCists tend to do.
For the Toa Mahri, I was actually quite inspired by Tohkann’s short animation BIONICLE - City of the Lost: “Downfall”:

This animation is what made realize that Matoro’s eyes have to be light blue, and then push me to revamp all the Mahri with their own unique eye colors. After making the Nuva, this video really played into igniting my passion for the Mahri.


I can’t not see Kongu as Dwayne Johnson now :rofl:

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Can you smell the air Kongu is cooking?
I alway liked the idea of Kongu breaking the trend of Toa of Air being lean flyers. Him being a buff Toa just makes sense to me when you recall that he was the former captain of the Gukko Force.

These are probably some of the best revamps I’ve seen of the Mahri. Well done!

wow those look amazing, even though hahli is probably my favourite.
Have you ever thought of releasing instructions or at least deconstructed images?