Bionicle Vehicle Topic

We've all seen awesome Bionicle vehicles, ranging from 2001's Boxor, to 2009's Thronatus. They had awesome play-value, functions, and were always fun to have despite their higher price range.

I want to know what vehicles you liked the best.

I am also curious as to what the future may hold for Bionicle vehicles in G2 (if they may show up at all).

Most of the vehicles that we have gotten for Bionicle were almost all technic based, and even in Hero Factory.

The closest we've ever gotten to a vehicle mix with CCBS was Speeda Demon...but it was basically just a Furno Bike with CCBS shell add-ons...



The only vehicle I have is the Cendox from 09.

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Uh, do the IFB mechs count?

Anyway, I really liked the Furno Bike. My Favorite BIONICLE vehicle was the Kaxium V3. I just like bikes. Although the Skopio looks really cool.

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The only vehicles that I have ever gotten was Toa Ignika (with his hovercraft thing) and Furno Bike.

Considering that they're just modified CCBS builds to fit the theme, i'll have to say no, but "vehicles" is quite a broad term, and mechs/suits may not be considered vehicles, but i'm not sure...

Mechs actually are considered vehicles, but I wouldn't consider IFB to be Bionicle vehicles, due to it being a different line.

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Have any of you guys made a Bonkle vehicle MOC before (besides mechs)?

How did it turn out?

I had the Cendox and the Thornatus V9. They were pretty good and I wish I had gotten more. I really want the Axalara, but that thing is expensive.

I once made a speeder out of CCBS once, it was actually pretty decent for what it was. :smile:

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I used the base of the Jetrax to make a speeder for a MOC once.


Has anyone made anything with wheels?

where were going we don't need, wheels.


I have attempted to use Power Functions and wheels, but I only have one small motor and one big motor, and that is not conducive to making one that turns.

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^ What do you guys think?

.... I think they will show up but I don't know when or how they will

That would be interesting and also I think they would appear.

I personally don't think they will. I mean, Bionicle was basically just a glorified Technic line that used specialized action figure pieces when it first came out. So it was fitting that they got Technic vehicles.

With CCBS now replacing the old system, plus the fact that it's only purpose is to build action figures, I think that all we'll be getting is action figures, because that's what they do best.

A technic vehicle would just look out of place for the line, if you catch my drift...

On the other side of the fence, one could argue that Lego Designers will be extremely innovative (as they always were) and will find some way to make a vehicle out of CCBS. But I think that that would require a lot of technic.

LoSS is mostly technic... also, the toa include a lot more technic pieces than any HF constraction set ever did to my knowledge. Tack on some CCBS armor pieces, and a technic vehicle wouldn't look that out of place I think.


Axalara T9 is pretty great

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But, we need more sets like Speeda Demon :frowning:

What about jet rock-

sorry cannot say that name without laughing.


This is the closest i've ever been at making a solid functioning rolling vehicle based primarity upon ball and socket joints (seriously, I used 1 Ben 10 body, and 2 08 Makuta torsos )

Click here for a full overview of this MOC