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My '08 Takanuva’s instructions were extremely messed up. It showed only the first three steps for his body, the steps for the same leg twice, and the steps for the same arms one and a half times. I had to guess at how it went together from the pictures, assembled it successfully, then realized that the instructions were on

Did I ever print them off?


topic derailment in progress; get back to vehicles


I’m not jealous. I’m Batman.

*'02’s boxor Also the Jetrax was the coolest looking (i never had an actual vehicle from bionicle)

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What we need for 2015 vehicles, is something like Pohatu’s Desert Duster

(Not mine, obviously)


All of my vehicles have been taken apart, but I remember having Iginika’s skyboard, Vultraz’s vehicle, the Kaxium, the Cendox, the Rockoh, and Lesovik’s Sea Sled. I had the chance to get any of the '08 Wave 2 Vehicles and I got the Rockoh. I wish I had the Jetrax, though. Especially the yellow one…


I did here and here.

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well, does this count as a Bionicle Vehicle?


As far as Bionicle vehicles, particularly motorcycles, go. One of the things I struggle with is making an engine for the vehicles. But I don’t know if any official Bionicle vehicle sets came with engines, or if engine blocks would look out of place in a Bionicle setting. :confused:

Wasn’t there a Lego technic set like that?

Tbh I don’t care for the idea of vehicles in bionicle. HF works for vehicles but I don’t think Bonkle does

Not saying that I disagree (to some extent), but how come you feel that way :confused:

Are we talking sets or story? I don’t really have any opinions on which vehicles were best in story, since no e appeared for very long.

In terms of sets, I think the main 2008 vehicles were the best, both in terms of functions and playability (although the 2009 vehicles had the Action Game, they couldn’t really steer.)

Then, out of the 2008 vehicles, my favourite has to be the Jetrax or the Axalara, just because of the cool functions.

Although the Cendox deserves a mention, since it could actually steer. And with front skis, no less.

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Idk it just didn’t make much sense to me. I always saw bionicle as the more fantasy with a little bit of the automotaun (spelling?) kind of stuff and hero factory as the sci-fi with occasional dragon looking aliens

A fantasy setting would still have vehicles, just a different type of them, like chariots, carriages and stuff. And I think these kinds of vehicles work well in most Bionicle settings which are very fantasy-esque, like Mata Nui or other tribal villages.

But I don’t really see big cities like Metru Nui, Xia or Artakha without any sort of motorized vehicle being used them. Moving around by foot would be way too tedious, even with Metru Nui’s chute system. And I really like what the story team did with Metru Nui vehicles, making them more “alien” and Rahi-like than what you’d find in your typical sci-fi city setting - for example, the Vahki transporters used spider legs instead of wheels. Actually I think it was believed that wheels do not exist in the Bionicle universe, until Destral Cycle got confirmed as canon.


This is mostly correct. Umbra also uses wheels, and it absolutely blew Jaller’s mind. Take this quote from Inferno:

“Jaller’s eyes were drawn to the figure’s feet, which featured rounded devices that looked something like gears. The Toa of Fire could not recall seeing anyone actually standing on their gears before, though.”

The use of wheels on the Destral Cycle was probably top-secret cutting-edge technology, not available to the rest of the Matoran Universe.


That moment when you have wearable technology that can literally let you make force-fields, shape-change, and move things with your mind, but some unnamed caveman from thousands of years ago invented something you couldn’t.:point_up::rofl:


Interestingly enough, Greg has actually addressed this before. He basically said “technology doesn’t get developed the same way in every universe”.

After all, if the Great Beings gave the Matoran the technology to build super fast hovervehicles, why would the Matoran ever try to develop wheels?


Good point.:+1:
The availability, cost, and convenience of mounted beasts is also something that could come into play.

On the subject of technology’s development in fictional worlds, though, it’s kinda funny how so many franchises assume that living robots would automatically have advanced technology when the human body IRL is basically a self-replicating exo-suit built out of nanotech made of dust, and yet we haven’t invented anything close to that level of advancement yet (unless there’s a secret lab somewhere the rest of us are not privy to which contains man-made devices of such craftsmanship).

Wheels were present all over Mata Nui island, though, in ussal -push carts and in the Onu-Koro mines. Jaller’s surprise at Umbra always confused me for that reason.



Perhaps the wheels are one of the non-canon aspects of the game.

Or Jaller just never went in the mines.


Two of my three G1 sets are vehicles, being the Rockoh and Mazeka.