BIONICLE videogame idea

Hello everyone!I was just thinking of a video game concept,like a bionicle style mmo similar to LEGO universe,do you guys think that an mmo bionicle game should be created?


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Would it be cool? Certainly. Should they? That’s debatable. I’m not certain that they have enough of a substantial fanbase for a Bionicle MMO to become successful. I mean, if an MMO for lego in general didn’t do too well, I don’t know how our little sliver of the Lego community could generate enough interest to keep it running.

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This is a great point, but lets say that their is enough people for the game to be a success. It would be great if you are a matoran and you travel around an island for a while. After a bit you can travel to different islands and become a toa. This would definitely be cool. An option to play as a villainous race or a neutral one other than matoran would also make a nice addition.

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I recently had an idea for a fighting where you could play as every toa that was released as a set, and every bad guy (piraka, Skrall, rakshi, etc. Minus titans.). It would be a lot like Super Smash Bros.


I’d want a game that works like other Lego games and follows the G1 story TO THE LETTER!

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I think a Metroidvania on Mata Nui would be cool.
You have to explore the island to find your different masks and such.

For a 2015 bionicle game I imagine more of a dynasty warriors feel. Armies of easy to kill enemys that swamp you, yet you have abilitles and whatnot that throw them all miles away. The fact that bionicle (generally) only has 6 main characters mean that an MMO would be limited… UNLESS you build a character in an LDD style creator… that would be cool…

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