BIONICLE Villain sets or Hero sets?

Which do you prefer? In my opinion, sometimes the villain sets are more interesting than the hero sets. I’ll use one example: the bohrok.
They’re technically not villains, but still the baddies. The bohrok had a head snapping function, face-plate that contained a krana, and they can fold into a ball.

BIONICLE 2015 counts as well, so yeah!


Villains tend to experiment more, like the Bohrok, Vizorak, and Barraki.
Heroes tend to have better equipment and added re useable masks.

It is really personal preference, but I like villains better.


How about both?

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I like both sets because they have GREAT builds and stories to them

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Villains. They tend to have crazier designs (*coughSkullScorpio) and are just more unique.


When I was younger I always leaned toward liking the villain sets more. They were always more bestial looking than the heroes, which I was always a big fan of.

Nowadays I guess my preferences vary line for line.

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It depends on the year. I personally liked the Piraka better than the Inika but in 2015 I like the Masters better then the Skull Villains.

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Good guy sets are always the same old humanoid build. Vilain sets have tons of variety, Spooky Scary Skeletons, Spider-Crab-Toa hybrids, Birds and such.


I prefer villain sets because they tend to be more experimental in designs while still being very unique and most of time an awesome set.

In retrospect, I really wish we had seen more variety in the hero builds, but I guess that’s just how the Bionicle universe works. Even small differences, like Pohatu Mata/Nuva and Matoro Mahri, are refreshing and can prevent clone sets. As for villians or heros, I don’t think I favor one over the other.


Hero sets…

the odd strange little beast is good to have, but I tend to get the Hero sets…

As a kid I would always say the Matoran sets, but looking back I really like both heroes and villains. Both were special in sets, parts, and storyline, making both worth it in my opinion.


honestly I really like both types, but for some reason I usually tend to lean slightly more towards villains

I agree, it really just depends on the sets themselves.

(Though usually I tend to lean more to the villains side)