Bionicle Visual Media Best to Worst

Now that JtO has come out I think we should rank the different visual bionicle media from best to worst. This does count online animations but does not include games such as MNOG.
Legend Reborn
Web of Shadows
03 animations
Mata Nui Saga
06 animations

Vahki Animations
15 animations
Mask of Light
Legends of Metru Nui
02 animations
And I think that’s about it (probably isn’t)


I feel like I’m the only person who liked Legend Reborn.


No you are not, I exist…maybe…

And honestly, I think Web of shadows was the best Bionicle Movie…

the worst being Legends of Metru nui.

And the vahki and 2015 animations are the only really good animations other then the bohrok animations.


You forgot this


You know, Mata Nui’s Saga isn’t an animation.

It’s close enough to one

Not really. It was one picture per chapter.

You are not, because I will expose myself as a heathen and say I as well find it alright!

Seriously, though, it’s just a freaking movie…people can have differing opinions. I like it because of the animation style and the looks, and for me that’s enough for me to enjoy the movie. I can accept its flaws, but I don’t see them all as making something that had effort put into it as trash. Like seriously, “They have teeth”, is not a valid complaint…

The best visual mediums I rank based on how much one might enjoy them, and they are:

  1. The G2 Animations (2015 and JtO)
  2. The G1 Animations (the Mirimax films and TLR, they’re all on par with each other for me)
  3. The G1 Flash animations (MNOG cutscenes, Bohrok, Vahki, Visorak/Makoki stones, and Piraka).

TLR is good visually. But the story is trash.


It is a bit lackluster, but trash? really?


TLR could have done much better story wise, but I’ve seen plenty of movies/tv shows with stories far far worse. I was at least happy that the animation was good. However, I can’t really say it was that great of a movie either.


Oh boy! Nostalgia trip, here I come!

In my opinion, the best Bionicle visual media has consistently been the web animations(both generations). I might put the G2 animations a step higher for production value and style, but I honestly can’t think of any online animations that I didn’t enjoy.

As for worst, probably the movies. I loved them back in the day, but looking back, they aren’t actually all that good as standalone films.


You, uhh… forgot these. I’m not sure that the last one fully counts, though.

I’m not sure any of them count, though.


I’d be really cool if LEGO had Ghost do these again for G2


They kinda did with the commercials for G2.

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Yeah, but I’d still like if they did little 2 minute CGI animations, I find them fun to watch.

@CaptainOfTheGuard As long as they didn’t use HF art style.
@RaptorTalon That was Ghost? Interesting