Bionicle Walk Cycle Behind The Scenes

A behind the scenes look of how I animate a walk cycle in Blender.

(If you’re wondering how I recorded Blender’s screencast, you press Alt F3 and Blender begins recording anything you do within Blender. Make sure you create a file first to put the images in to save or else Blender’s screencast won’t work.)


Maybe you should have helped with animating jto. This looks way better then that choppy animation.


And that is why I haven’t moved to learning computer generated animation :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! lol I don’t think I’m that great at animating.

It’s really not hard to learn 3d animation once you know the basics. The only thing I find annoying in 3d animation is rendering because you have to wait forever for the images/video to finish.
I can say 3d animation is kinda like stop motion, but in digital-form. Both forms of animation are puppetry animation where you control the character unlike 2d animation where you have to draw every frame by hand.