Bionicle Wars Fan fics (VEN THIS IS FOR YOU!)

post your BIonicle Wars (from on Ebay today) Fan fics here. click here for more Ven-ish goodness.

Brutaka played the Lego Bionicle Game he was apparently packaged with. He was trapped inside a cardboard box inside another cardboard box, which was filled with foam objects. suddenly two pairs of claws ripped through the box and cut a whole in the paper. He looked at the two beings standing in front of him: Lewa with Wolverine Claws and Piruk with his Shredder Claws. "We've come to take you to fight in the Bionicle Wars." they said in unison, once outside the box, Brutaka noticed several other beings. Keetongu with a Visorak for a head, Kopaka with what looked like a throat tumor, and a CGI Pohatu. They had all apparently been released from prisons like his own. They jumped on Lewa and Piruk's ride, a Transformer named Skorponok, and rode out the back of the vehicle, noting the colorful letters on the side of the truck. Once they arrived at the Battlefield, they realized why they were needed. Applego had teamed up with Neo Shifter parts disguised as Bionicle parts. There was an epic battle, and they all died.


I have no idea how I was able to use that many in jokes. I guess that goes to show how good Ven's show was


ummm itws not Sidorak withe Visorak head it Ketongu. Sidorack was a combined with Roodaka.

I'll fix that then

'Twas a dark day, one of toil and strife
Many a being had met the end o' his life
Through time of light and times of dark
Many were pierced through the heart

In troubled times 'tween confusion and pain
The combatants themselves rattled the brain
For were they so weird, so very strange
Worthy of analysis by our dear friend Mange.

Those battles raged on for a century
The fights intense, but eventually
The winner stood atop the lot
Omega Tahu conquers all, needing no plot.


Dude amazing rhyming you rock!