Bionicle What If Moc Contest

Cool stuff is constantly happening in the Bionicle community and @runner5050 (Ron Folkers) has created a new contest and it’s live as of now!

Bionicle What If Contest logo

“The only and most important thing is to take something from the Bionicle universe and change it.

This contest is a 1 round free for all, where you need to build your best to win it all!

You have the chance to win some rare Kanohi masks as prices and some additional masks packs in the raffles!"

Join below!
Bionicle What If Contest | Flickr


Thank you so much for sharing this here!
Hope you all are exited and maybe participate in this contest.

(For questions and such I would recommend going to QnA discussion tab in the Flickr group page.)


I’d like to enter but only for better prizes

I think you greatly under estimate the value of those masks, especially the Kaukau, but then again, mask collecting is not everyone’s cup of tea!


Thank you for sharing, but I have to say @runner5050, it is really not immediately obvious what the contest is about. One has to read the same text no less than three times plus scroll down to the rules until we get the first indication that this is in fact a MOC contest, and even still it is not once expressly stated anywhere. Based on the title and the introductory text, the first conclusion one comes to is that this is a what if scenario story contest.

I would strongly suggest explicitly stating as soon as possible that this is a purely MOC contest - optimally in the title itself.
Good luck with your initiative!


Do you have yellow kaukau already?

No but I’m more into the axe masks not stud ones.

but then you could sell it to buy non-stud masks


Litteraly the first slide, after the title image, tells you to BUILD something. And the next slide, all the rules apply for BUILDING purposes, Even the way how it will be judged says the entries will be judged by BUILD.

I’m sorry but I have to disagree, it is obvious it’s a moc building contest.

At least it is not difficult to find or unclear where the rules are :sweat_smile:


I knew what it was about, directly when I saw its Name (before the edit here)

I’m brand new to Flickr, amd struggling to navigate it. @Axelford @runner5050, do you know how I would add my entry to the group? Also, is an album okay, or does it have to be one pic?


One picture is fine, the cloud icon in the top right is how you add a photo, you can change the title and description to what you want and then add it to any groups you are in, such as the What If Contest. (So, make sure to join prior to this process.)


Thanks man, I’ll try to get that buttoned up


Your entry is in, so you figured it out nicely!
Thanks for participating!


Awesome, thanks for keeping me updated and letting me join you guys!


Is the contest still happening?

This contest has concluded, you can read and see the results here:

Thanks to all the people who were participating!   Keep in mind these rules.  - NO digital entries. - NO 3rd party or bootleg parts. - No more than 1 entry per competitor. - Old mocs are NOT allowed as entry. - Cut flextubes are allowed at any...

Edit: For some reason, it keeps posting the picture instead. You can use the original link above or my reposted one here:

But of course, just because the contest has ended doesn’t mean you can’t build a “What If?” should you still desire to do so. Alternatively, if you’d still like to enter a contest, the MOC League will be starting up soon. You can find more information and registration on that competition here:


Thanks for the information