Bionicle Wiki Discussion: Biosector01 Vs Bionicle Wikia

I believe it was Karzahni.

Didn’t know that :stuck_out_tongue:

ElJay, that is exactly what I expected you to say.

Alright, I will give you that. Biosector01 definitely has that Bionicle vibe.

I am going to have to disagree with you. I am looking at the site as I am typing this and I don’t see anything that can take me to info about the lore. But yes, it does look very clean.

While yes, the colors are questionable; I believe they are in refrence to the glatorian story. If that is the case, there is a reason then.

Biosector01 does this too Eljay.

I looked at booth pages… they look nearly the same. The only differences are very minute.

Long winded? How could you be long winded with this stuff? Bionicle has a complex story, a mind boggling complex story. I apologize for the unprofessional-ism right there.

Leaves out information? Alright, I agree that the Wikia lacks some info the Biosector01 has, but jeez, you’re making it sound like an entire story arc was left out.

What part of the trivia in the gali article on Wikia is speculation? You realize Wikia does have quality control too, right? In fact if there is a problem with the article, they will openly point it out and let you know. All wiki’s do this.

No it’s not. I have to use the search to get the articles. Yes, you have to do that on Wikia too, but at least they have tabs to get certain subjects at the top.

Wikia has the tabs on the page and one of them is a navigate feature with links to pages like the Toa, Matoran, Turaga, Agori, etc.

ElJay, at the beginning of this topic, I said this:

and I presented this as a fair and even discussion. In fact, throughout this whole topic, I have advocated the use of both Wiki sites. You should always use more the one source when doing research. I have also pointed out pros and cons to both sites.

And ElJay, please re-read what you said out loud to yourself:

This does not sound fair. This is what a fan boy would say. I should know, I’ve seen fan boys before. Plus I don’t see a single area where you acknowledged any con from Biosector01. Feel free to correct if I am wrong.

ElJay, I do not hate you, but Jeez man,


That is where I have to stop you first. I find those layouts to be extremely easy to maneuver. I also find this layout to be much smoother and sleeker, generally more comfortable than wikias ad overtaken sometimes overcrowded design (not that I’m against ads, I’m not at all actually. And I’m not totally against wikias layout either, I just find the wikipedia type layout more appealing in my eyes.).

Another reason is I have infact come across misinformation on the Bionicle wiki several times. Mostly small things, but misinformation none the less. One that was kind of the snapping point for me if I recall correctly, was they stated that Māori people did indeed file a lawsuit against LEGO and they won, thus the name change. In reality there was no lawsuit, but just threats of one, LEGO changed the names without going to court.
There have been several other small details where minor bits of information have been incorrect. And I’ve never seen anything like that happen on BS01. BS01 seems much more heavily up kept in many ways.

There are still things I dislike about BS01, and things the Bionicle wiki does I like better. But overall, BS01 is where I’m going to go if I want to make sure I’m getting accurate Bionicle information in it’s fullest, most reliable, and easily accessible format.


I will openly admit it, Wikia does have it’s flaws and so does the Bionicle Wikia. But I will stand by the fact that I always have a hard time maneuvering the Wikipedia based Wiki’s.

My biggest point here though is always use more the one source when doing research. I don’t care what wiki it is.

Well the thing is, a wiki is really a list of sources. If you’re really that serious about it, you should be able to use the sources they offer. Which again I must add, BS01 offers a lot more of.

And that source should never be a wiki. Just say’n.

My teachers take away points for using wikipedia because it requires little research and gives you everything. They want you to put actual effort into it.

Also, one thing you seem to miss for the importance of BIOsector01 is that it actually uses SOURCES. Many other wikis, even on the Wikia engine, do this. (See the Marvel Database Wiki. It’s one of the biggest out there.) The Bionicle Wiki doesn’t include sources, leading it to be a little less professional than other wikis that do so. Wikis are encyclopedias. They need sources!

Also, you said it’s hard to navigate on stuff for Biosector01? There’s a huge section in the front page that leads to flora, locations, characters, etc. that give some navigation. The BIONICLE wiki lacks that.

While I usually do prefer Wikia in every way, Biosector01 seems to come up on top. And like many others have said, Biosector01 seems to always be on top of things and is much more up-to-date and professional.


Good lord I should have never made this topic. Add this on to the list of regrets.

I apologize for how negative I sound, but this whole topic is causing me a lot of stress.

Then you aren’t looking hard enough, which is unusual since it’s right there in bright Lego colors. Locations, characters, flora and fauna, etc. Very easy and quick to find.

Just because there is a reason for something doesn’t mean it’s a good one. Having custom skins is great, but if that was meant to reference 09… It’s 2015 now. Either it needs to update or switch to something neutral.

Yes, but at the bottom. Wikia does it immediately and darn nearly assaults you with it. All of BS01’s affiliates are at the bottom of the page after the Bionicle related content.

I don’t think you’re really looking so much as skimming, then. Because even if they’re small differences, the impression gotten from the BS01 page is professionalism and efficiency. Wikia is just a thrown together wikia.

I’m not talking about the bulk of the page. I’m talking about the ridiculous amount of irrelevant information directly below the image in the info-box. Place of origin? Occupation? Colors?! You should be able to either see those things plain as day on the page or quickly in the synopsis of the character’s history. It’s pointlessly there on Wikia below the image and does nothing but clutter the info-box, in my opinion.

No, I’m making it seem like there is a lot of information and story content being left out. Which there is.

I suppose speculation isn’t the right word. However, flat-out useless information might be.

So does BS01, in a way. For characters it shoots you toward story year related pages with symbols at the top. Easy to see and very Bionicle related. Wikia has tabs you have to find first by chance unless you’re really actively looking for them. And then the navigation tools at the bottom of the page as well.

And my analysis is fair and even. You should absolutely use multiple sources for research… Unless one of those sources is of greatly lesser quality than the other one. Wikia leaves out information, is less detailed, uses fan art in place of official art work, has an outdated look with a lack of quick-and-easy navigational tools that would more than likely be shoved down to the bottom of the page anyways for their affiliates.

Want a con about BS01?

They have yet to finish their set database. Once that’s done, it might just be the perfect Bionicle-related story and set reference database yet.

Being fair is one thing. And being right is another. =P


Don’t regret it. It’s a good discussion topic. Glad you made it. We can make points and such about our opinions on the subject.

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Alright, fine, fine. I am in the wrong. But however, I still disagree with you on the trivia, but let’s just leave it at that.

Now I did make a journal about this on DA But all I am asking for is second opinions and my DA watchers are mature. Besides, I rarely get a comment on my DA journals either way. I am going to leave it up, but I’ll add in a big bold note on what you said and what I said. I’ll bury it with other journals soon.

ElJay, your initial reply sounded like something a fan boy would say to me. I have a massive overzealous streak and I tend to argue with a lot of people. I don’t mean to cause trouble, it just happens. Also I tend to misjudge and misread things. Whether or not it’s my autism I have no idea.

But I will say this in defense of Wikia in general: I have been to other Wiki’s on Wikia and there are some really good ones.

I apologize for how stand-offish I was towards you ElJay. It’s just that I’ve been really stressed as of late (namely because of college).


Is anyone here an editor on either wiki? I an on BS01, and I just realized I could edit the BIONICLE wiki, being a wikia member.

I personally, am a fan of how BS01 is almost a community, like this place. Ever looked at the talk pages?

Don’t feel badly. I agree with a lot of Eljay’s points and I still got mad. It’s just the way he “debates”, don’t get too mad about it. :slight_smile:

I’m not mad anymore. Plus I was being over-zealous and stand-offish.

To be fair

So was our glorious Admin Eljay

…I’ll stop talking now because this is off-topic and I dun wanna get banned.


I disagree.


en eljay post that i totally agree with


I’ve been in the community for a long time now, over 10 years to be exact, and throughout I’ve consistently used BS01 and it’s always been an incredibly reliable and accurate source.

I don’t really know what the state of the Bionicle Wiki is right now, but back when I used to use it the place was a joke and cluttered with inaccurate info or stubby articles that never gave enough information.

Whenever there was some kid spouting off nonsense or starting stupid debates he was usually regurgitating bad info he read on the Bionicle Wiki- and it happened so frequently I’m surprised that place got any traction at all.

As such, I’ve always used BS01, which has a nice community and a far better design aesthetic-wise (though I’m not really a fan of it’s current color scheme…)
But the navigation is nice and the site as a whole feels more organized.

(Honestly the Bionicle Wiki is just kind of ugly :/)


Can someone close this topic before more people start restating the obvious? Making this topic was a massive mistake and I stand by this statement.

This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.

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