Bionicle with cats art

I was absolutely bored while a storm hit my house and I couldn’t use technology and I have read every book in the house. So a thought came into my mind, “What if Bionicle was with cats instead?” and bionicats was born out of my boredom. I may make a few short comics with this. Also I drew most of the toa’s masks on cats this week.

I had a bit of trouble keeping the ‘organic’ feeling of the Toa Ignika masks as well as having trouble with Hewki’s Mahri mask.
I am open to any advice on how to improve my art.


good job! these are cool… can’t wait for de comics!

Please tell me the villain is called Meowkuta.


Adorable!!! I love how the masks look naturally blended into the face. Overall, a very pure and well thought idea!

Reminds me of old Warrior cat OCs in a kinda nostalgic Internet way

These look really good but shading could be a little less flat because it kinda gives off a bad OC vibe if that makes sense.
Otherwise these are pretty interesting designs though I kinda feel like the bionic part of bionicle now is a little lost in translation to cat.


So… Cattle? That’d just make it BioniCow.

I am working on it, I did this all with a mouse after all.