Bionicle Writing Game!


  1. Someone will give a writing prompt for a Bionicle Story. It can be either G1 or G2.

  2. Players write a short story based on the prompt.

  3. The person who gave the prompt judges and picks a winner.

  4. The winner gives a new prompt, and the whole thing starts over again

I will give the first prompt:

Tahu convinces the other Mata to enter their canisters


On their Journey they played a game of Civilization V
not much is known
Tahu had the biggest Military

Gali had the most Faith

Lewa was the most Peaceful

Pohatu had the most Production

Onua had the most Science

well he was the true winner since he completed his own Literature and finished watching [INSERT GAME OF THRONES STYLE THING HERE] on Netflix while the others were trying to play Civ V on somewhat reliable Internet connect

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… No.

The rule were not descriptive enough

I said a short story, not a joke.

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okay then I did not know

but if you wanted something serious
write it in the rules

but the prompt seems a small bit confusing for me
is this when they enter them
does it start after they enter them

I’ll admit, the prompt could be better, and I will fix it,

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So I started writing this before you updated the prompt, and it kinda fits the more exact version, so I’m still going to use it…

Without farther ado, the story:

The last Avohkah fell shrieking to the ground. After months of fighting to defend the matoran, the Toa Mata stood victorious. A crack of lightning split the air, behind them the toa turned to see Botar. The monstrous figure towered over them, staring down he said only two words: “It’s time.” “Time for what?” Tahu asked. Botar slowly turned away, and began to walk off into the distance, glancing over his shoulder only once to stoically say the word “Follow.”

The Toa followed Botar across the sand plains of Karda Nui, toward the towering monolith resting in the center. “Where do you think we’re going?” Lewa whispered to Kopaka. “We’ll find out when we get there.” He replied dryly. As they drew closer, the large structure became more clear, being a large sphere constructed of some metallic substance. When they finally reached the structure Botar called the group to a halt, before them stood the massive sphere, concentric circles spiraling down to where they where centered on an indentation in the shape of a toa. Botar withdrew a stone tablet from a pouch at his side, inserting it into the the indentation where it belonged. The toa watched in awe as the spiraling circles opened in sequence, leaving a tunnel into the heart of the structure. Botar turned to the toa, “Enter.” he said stoically. “What’s in–” Gali’s question was cut off by a crack of lighting, and Botar was gone. Lewa turned to Tahu, “Do you think we should go in?” he asked. Tahu looked down the dark tunnel, he knew that Botar was a member of the Order, the same Order who had trained them, and sent them here to protect the matoran. “We go inside.” Tahu said confidently, striding into the tunnel.

As the toa reached the end of the tunnel it opened up into a large expansive room, six giant lightstones illuminated the area. On one side of the room the toa saw an incredible collection of large machines with purposes beyond the toa’s comprehention. The other side of the room was repetitively empty, only containing a circle of six cylindrical holes in the ground, with a familiar face standing in the center of them. “Hydraxon!” Lewa exclaimed, excited to see their old mentor. Hydraxon unfolded his arms and took a few steps forward, “It’s good to see you again, I trust you have used your training well?” he asked. “We fight as a team, everyone watches each other’s backs.” Tahu replied. “Why are we here?” Kopaka asked, tired of the reunion, “Are you going to give us our next mission?” Hydraxon looked over at the toa of ice, “In a manner of speaking.” he replied. Turning back towards the circle of cylindrical holes he continued “You have completed your training, and proven yourselves to be a valuable asset.” Having returned to his original position he turned back towards the toa, “Your new mission is to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui.” Toa looked around at each other confused. “The Great Spirit is awake…” Pohatu said slowly. “This is true, and that is why you must now rest until you are needed.” Hydraxon replied, “inside each of these holes is a toa pod, inside it you will sleep until you are needed.” he continued. “Why can’t we stay out here and help the Order?” asked Onua. “Toa are strictly forbidden form joining the Order. The Order is meant to do the things that toa can’t, the things that are forbidden by the Toa Code. You must enter these toa pods, this is the reason why you were created, it is your destiny.” Hydraxon responded. Tahu turned and looked around his team, they had trained long and hard to become what they were today, and they wanted nothing more then to fulfill themselves as toa, and help do what is right. He turned and looked at the dark holes in the ground, If it is our destiny then we should probably do it… he thought. Tahu turned back to his team once again, “We enter the pods.” he said. Lewa began to open his mouth but was cut off by Tahu’s words “No complaining. It is our destiny and we will fulfill it. Being a toa is about doing what is right, without question. If this is our path, then we take it.” Tahu turned and walked over to Hydraxon, reaching out to clasp is forearm “Thank you for making us the team that we are today.” he said, and then continued toward the hole at the back of the circle. Turning around he saw the other toa taking up their places around the circle. He clenched his fist and raised it high over his head, “For Mata Nui!” he cried, and then he leaped into the darkness.

There they would sleep for more than a thousand years, until one day, they would awake, when they were needed once again.

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Nicely done!


Okay, I’m going to ask “When would this take place? After G1 ended?” I’m going to assume that it’s after G1 ended. Also, I shall attempt to dance the line between a joke and comedy.

The red star was bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored bored, bored BORED! Or, more specifically, the entity that controlled the red star was bored. For thousands of years it had done nothing but give the islands indigenous peoples hints about the future, pumped dead people into new bodies, and shoot lightning down from the sky once or twice. He had known the other great beings didn’t like him from the beginning, but giving him monitor duty? That was just low!
“At leased I didn’t get cleaning duty,” He said to him self, " But if I had, at least I would have gotten a good few thousand years of sleep."
He was pulled from his regrets by an old, rusty, filth-riden alarm. Its blaring let him know that Toa had gotten into canisters. he groaned but then got an awful idea. He got a wonderful, awful idea! He figured that he deserved a little entertainment after all these years.
" Let’s give my pet project a test."
He giggled, and then let loose a bit of universal-rift power.

I’ll finish this later.