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hey guys,

i’m a returning to biotube after a really long break so decide to come back on the scene. i’ve got a moc that would like to share with you guys and maybe get some tips and feedback before i move on to his final product. this guy is still a prototype hense for the mixed colors but there going to be re-colored. obviously it’s an optimus prime moc from AOE. would love to hear what you guys think of him thx. this link will take you to the moc preview on youtube since i can’t upload pictures since i’m new to the forum.


Changed title to be more descriptive, and to meet Lego requirements.


as in for the video i think you mean right ?

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Arms should be custom, as they’re too short. there should be more blue, as this is an Optimus Prime MOC from AoE. Tahu Mistika Hau doesn’t work the for color scheme, unless you would spread it out a bit more. Purple stands out. Dark blue on legs should be spread a bit more. Weapons don’t go with the color scheme.He looks like a cluttered mess from the back. 4/10

Also, welcome to the boards!


It could use some work, but it’s a good start…

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yea i know the mixed colors are to show me he might look with them but the are going to be a different color just need to order the parts.

Sounds good, I hope to see it with those new parts…