Bionicles Done! What's next?

I was thinking about how when bionicle was canceled in late 2010, Hero Factory almost immediately replaced it. After Hero Factory ended, Bionicle was Revived in 2015. Now that that’s over, there’s a open slot for “Buildable Robots” in legos themes. Leave your opinions on what’s next in the comments.


I’m pretty sure this has been discussed many times in many different topics, but I think that Lego is going to hold off on a full constraction theme for a while.


I genuinely think we aren’t going to see a Constraction IP for years after the failure of G2. By the looks of it, Star Wars will currently be the only thing that maintains it.


Star Wars is probably the only constraction we’ll get for the foreseeable future.


If we do get a new theme for Constraction, I feel like it will be announced later this year, and come out in 2018. However, that’s just speculation.

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hero factory G2…?/s
It could be HF G2, but that’s unlikely.
Most likely constraction won’t have another line for a few years, or at all.


I don’t think Lego’s going to completely get rid of constraction however I think the only constraction we’ll have for now is Star Wars. I don’t really know how well constraction Star Wars sets are doing but if they’re doing good I feel like Lego will definitely go down the path of Marvel and DC constraction sets like Batman, Spider-Man, etc but will still keep these themes brick sets aswell.


CCBS is trying desperately to stay active with the Star Wars CCBS sets. They seem to have mastered basic human CCBS figures and at this stage may be experimenting with the character & vehicle set that we’ve seen via the leaks.

If CCBS remains popular through the Star Wars sets then it may remain around given the release of new Star Wars movies. However, i doubt Lego will expand on CCBS again into a seperate theme if the set are not selling that well. Its difficult to judge how well the CCBS Star Wars sets are doing, but now that Bionicle is over CCBS fans are left with either Star Wars CCBS or nothing for now - so it may increase in sales.


I agree. I personally love the Star Wars action figures because I’ve been a Star Wars, lego, and Action figure fan as long as I could remember. So it’s basically a match made in heaven

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They’re on clearance in every store that I saw them in recently :stuck_out_tongue:

A miracle would have to happen to restore constraction to its former glory…and even if that miracle came, corporate Lego would likely stifle it out of fear of market failure.

However through failure comes innovation, and whatever faith I have in lego would be determined by their decision to either challenge their constraction designs, possibly merging them with system, or trash the concept completely, which I’m hopeful that most most designer employees are rooting against considering how far this building system has come


I’m concerned that, with the lack of anything except Star Wars sets, CCBS won’t have its own IP and will eventually just be relegated to being a small part of System sets.
It’s pessimistic, but based on the latter years of Hero Factory, Bionicle G2, and the (anecdotal evidence is all I got for this one) shelf-warming Star Wars figures, its hard to picture LEGO committing to another line for CCBS sets.
So I can see 3 scenarios:

  1. CCBS ending up the way of the dinosaur, only being seen in select pieces within System sets
  2. Another supplementary form for another line, and/or continuing the Star Wars sets
  3. LEGO takes a risk by making another full CCBS theme. I doubt this one a lot, though.

At this point I really hope for an original constraction theme. Not Bionicle or Hero Factory, just a new, fresh idea. However, if LEGO is gutsy enough to try a third iteration of Bionicle, I certainly won’t complain. But that would require actual advertising and a whole lot more effort. CCBS is a truly special building system. By the time Gen 2 ended, it had evolved a lot, and I just want to see it used more: in a fresh idea, or in a future Bionicle. I’d be fine with either.