Bionicles on Etsy

This post is for those who were wondering where I get 3D printed masks and LED brain stocks and more for my creations. I go to Etsy of course. They have many great things but there are 3 of my favorite Bionicle creators on there. Note: beware of the fourth Etsy seller I put on he can be very rude.

This Guy is a great at making Bionicle masks. His stud mouth connection is better than the actual LEGO one itself which is sad but cool at the same time.

This Etsy sellers also a good guy. He helped me recreate Vita’s mask and Is one of the only ones who I know creates the LED brain stalks I buy so much for my bionicles. He does also custom orders.

Most of you out there might already know about this one as he is very good at painting mask. He created furrum’s mask and is very popular on there. I highly recommend this seller .

This one I only worn about as he will thinks he can talk to you ever he pleases and will be extremely rude be wary. Sometimes he will be nice or send you a very long and detailed message off how he feels. I learned this the hard way when none of my stuff was coming in the mail. Had to have my friend create the mask’s that I wanted for my characters.


So how is he rated “Star seller”?


Just don’t text him. And you’ll be fine. I don’t know why he is a star seller but I bought 2 mask’s from him last year. Still nothing.