BIONIFIGHT INFINITE: a combat-based TBRPG on BZPower


Bionifight Infinite is a text-based RPG on BZPower hosted by myself (Chro), Voltex (Lucina), and Blade. (The two of them aren't on the TTV Boards so unless you've been on BZP, I don't expect you to identify them. But they're cool.)

Bionifight itself, within the world of the RPG, is a fighting tournament with contestants of ridiculous variety from all corners of the multiverse. They have been summoned from their previous locations and are being forced to fight in the Arena, a massive shapeshifting... uh... arena, located within the Bionifight facilities.

Rebellion? Unlikely. The staff characters are powerful and don't take kindly to having their authority subverted. You're going to have to be clever and sly, both to survive, and to make a difference in this most dangerous game...

Escape? Impossible. The Bionifight facility is hidden, with the staff characters being the only ones to know the true location. Its outer walls are impenetrable.

This is the world you are thrown into. Fight to survive; explore the facility to find an exit; adventure and action run rampant in this TBRPG.

GAME TOPIC (to play the game, or learn more about it.)

DISCUSSION THREAD (to submit character profiles and talk about Bionifight.)

I'd love to see some people from the TTV Boards join and play. This has been a very fun project to plan and it's going to be fantastic to see it finally getting started!

See you in the Arena!

- Chro


I would happily join, and I already have a BZP account, but BZP has made my computer crash as of late. :/

I'm convinced! The Answer shall answer the call! stuck_out_tongue


Huh, interesting concept, but what's that noise I'm hearing?

Slither Pit! Slither Pit! Slither Pit!

Ah, it's probably nothing.

Sounds like a nice idea. I'm not sure that I'll get a BZP account just for this, but I'll salt this away for later anyway.


How much is it worth it for me to go through the trouble of getting a BZP account


Minimal "trouble" if you ask me.


It seems that The Answer won't answer the call. It may be Arxtann instead stuck_out_tongue

The Answer could work if you toned down his powers.

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Hmm... I just don't think I want to go tot he trouble of toning down his powers when I know that I'll play him the same way as I do in other places where he's the same way.

I want to join, but you saw what happened on the last one. It went too fast and I got left behind ;-;

This one is going far faster. stuck_out_tongue


Definitely not joining then ;o;

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I got left behind frowning

I wasn't kidding.
At this point it'd be kinda unfair to the other fighters for Arxtann to jump into the battle after it's closer to the end than the start... perhaps he could be back in the rest of the facility, having been KO'd by the harsh conditions and avalanches?

Nah, I'll just wait for the next.

Every fighter currently registered was teleported to the arena. He's got to have been KO'd somehow.
Or maybe he just got lost in the snow, waited out the end of the round, but got zero KOs.