Bioraiders: Nyran Edition: The Ultimate

So, you guys know @Bioraiders532? Yeah, he’s an cool guy. So I made a MOC of him.

I present to you all…Bioraiders, Toa of Icy Waters!

I’m gonna say this right off the bat: Raiders, I hope you like white. 'Cause I used a lot of it.

This was my first experiment with a legit major asymmetry. I think it works here

  • ahem* #Obligatorybackshot

Anyway, this is also my first technically asymmetrical torso, too. Upper legs are weak, but eh.

As you can see, the utterly baller Gadunka shoulderpad. If you look at the glow-in-the dark bits, it looks like it’s white under blue armor. So I justify all the white I have on him.

I also may or may not have used it as an excuse to be lazy with this side’s upper arm.(As if the other one had effort in it)

The Ruru Shoulderpad side isn’t quite as sweg, so to speak. Pretty lazy on my part.


Yeah, that’s the reason he has claws.

I chose the Rau because I ran out of shorter axles for the torso and needed a big mas- I mean, because Bioraiders seems like a thoughtful guy who’d use a Mask of Translation for Scholar things, or whatever.

Here he is vs the Inika Build.

vs Chi Worriz.

My Golden Knightmech, who is the exact height of Omega Tahu.

Here’s both of them with my Mini PoF Mockup.

Until the next time, ladies and gents.



its pretty gr8

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Looks pretty cool! Although some of the armour looks strange and bulky. The chest looks a little boring so I think you should give him like a Gudunka teeth bandolier. (Is that the right word)

Well, y’see, there’s a reason I used this chestplate.

This chestplate belonged to the great Matoran Ehrye.

And if you search his name on these Boards, you will find a topic that explains the legacy of this man among men.

Interesting bandolier idea, tho.


More like
Gr8 man

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all hail manly Ehrye

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@BioRaiders532 is love, @BioRaiders532 is life.

The Inika shoulder armor on his torso looks like a potbelly to me, though.


Hmm, I think you’re in the minority here, but I guess I kinda see what you mean.

I mean, I followed my “chest as most prominent and outward part of torso” rule, so I’m fine with it myself.



This is too gr8…

It’s too bootiful…

5146484564/8, 2 gr8


So that means…you do like white?

and the Rau?

I like white, but the Rau I’ll just live with.

Serious critique time?

Serious critique time.

Legs are just basic Vahki limbs with add-ons. Upper legs are CCBS with a gear, stylish. The entirety of it is commemorable, but nonetheless, basic. Also, metru feet are meh.

The torso is interesting, and I only wish there was a way to more thoroughly cover it without pot-belly plates =P Also, some coverage on the clavicle area would keep me from feeling like I’m wearing some kind of low-cut dress,but otherwise, I actually take no issue with the Bohrok limb shoulders.

The back I especially like. It asymmetrical in just the right way that I don’t want to shoot you.

Baller Gadunka pauldron.

The right arm is good and well, with the Gadunka covering, but the left arm is… well actually, my left arm IRL is a bit atrophied so I’ll let it slide… Lower arms are well-done, nicely covered, and just splendid. While I normally don’t approve of shredder-claw hands on such big MOCs, I like this for the sole function of


So that’s that I suppose. Oh, one more thing,

The Rau actually fits because I know 4-5 languages depending on how you count, and I am learning two more currently. So yar. (Known Languages: English, Sindarin, Latin, Russian, Italian)(Learning: Spanish, French)



Custom limbs are way more part costly than custom torsos, oddly enough. At least, with how I usually end up doing things. I think they work tho.

Wanted to use the more clawlike Inika feet, but couldn’t find any Black ones.

No argument. The torso’s core needs work. In my defense tho, trying to work in the Pauldroun made things…difficult in that area.

These are also my favorite parts.

I need to find a better way to use the Ruru shoulderpad.

If I were less lazy, I could’ve like, integrated them into some sort of weapon gauntlet things, but eh.

Maybe I’ll update him one day.




Pretty good.

I certainly like the mobility of the torso and the gaduka shoulder thing is a neat look.

It seems to me that the armor is just oddly distributed. too much bulk here, not enough bulk there, and… He’s got a potbelly. Lastly, the grey is killing me for some reason. Dunno; it just doesn’t look very good with the other colors.

Overall, not bad, but I think it could use some work.

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The rahkshi leg shoulder, or other stuff too?

All of it. :confused:

I think the only other grey I have is like…misc hand and technic pieces and what not.

Yeah I can replace most of that no problem.

I’ll keep it in mind when I revamp him along with the torso and lame arm.