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I play the piano quite a bit, when I'm not writing, drawing and/or doing nothing I'm usually on the piano. This is my first attempt at recording the music I play directly from my piano. (Yes, my piano's just that cool, I can record songs on it =P)

The process is a long one, full of recording, converting to MIDI, then converting to an MP3, then uploading it to a website, but overall I think it turned out fine. The first song is Viva La Vida by Coldplay. I will post a link below, and add more over time! Enjoy!

Viva La Vida - Coldplay

Violet Hill - Coldplay


That was great! What other songs are you doing?

I have The Scientist, Violet Hill, Clocks and Fix Me (All by Coldplay...) that I'll be uploading periodically. I'll do Violet Hill next, cuz it's my second favorite.


Very nice.

Got a bit rough near the end, but otherwise a very good song! GJ man!

Yeah, I suspect it had something to do with the amount of conversions. I had to translate from my piano, to MIDI, to the internet, to MP3, back to my PC, and then finally that link. so, I suspect the mixing of such codes would have broken it down, and I am looking into a better way of doing this.


Yay! Good job. I love love love Coldplay, and that was pretty cool. How long have you played for?

Do you compose/write stuff as well, or just play?

@Helryx08 I have been playing for ten years now. I just started getting into playing alt rock six months ago. It's good to know I can do Coldplay justice. blush

@Nyran I'm getting into improvisation and composition yeah. I can do some okay stuff on the fly.


I envy people who are good at making music.


Violet Hill - Coldplay

I put Violet Hill into video form for you guys this time. Tell me what you think and which method you prefer.


I personally prefer this version, but I didn't mind the previous.

Good job! I love Violet Hill, and I am always afraid to attempt to play it on piano.

That was very enjoyable.

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