Bioventures: A test has been started...

Hey hey! New video uploaded! Kind of a test/skit mix video, its… less non-canon than you’ll think…

Also, partial intro to a… new character of mine… If unfortunately only voice wise…




What have I watched?

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‘Effin weirdness, tests, and foreshadowing.

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My kind of stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
The stop motion is decent and the kinda stuff I’d expect from Bioformers and stuff like that. Overall, pretty good considering it was a test.

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Haha, glad to see mate! Still practicing a touch with my new camera, but it’s going well so far!

This is…well, it’s definitely something.
A pretty cool something, though.

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AHAHHAHA! Glad to hear mate! Glad to hear!

Wait until I get some more up, then you’ll really have something to see, 'cause, there’s a lot more ‘canon’ than you’ll believe.~

Woowoowoowoowoo, so scary.~

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