Biovival Discussion (aka Christian Faber's mysterious project)

You could turn that into a movie.


Black and white Snyder-styled docu-drama about a bunch of 30-year-old fans becoming hot shots and reviving BIONICLE. Heartfelt story, someone’s grandma dies, and in the end we get a tragic story where the heroes never get BIONICLE revived but realize the true adventure was the friends made along the way.


Yes. I was going to tack: “but that’s a pipe dream” on the end but I’d rather leave such a statement open ended and not overly pessimistic.

Also uh I’m not fighting tooth and nail. I’m not hanging off every word of Faber. I’m just popping into this topic to see what people’s opinions are.

Edit: also yeah I get we’re a part of a divided fan base who would struggle to work together. Personally I think people should let go of canon and go the route of Transformers where the story gets constantly rebooted/reinterpretated perhaps with some interlinked reboots. It makes sense considering Bionicle is established as having a multiverse with alternative possibilities.

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There is another user here with a dark red Bionicle mask pfp who is so therefore you are guilty by association

Only one option here folks


You realize Bionicle fans are still LEGO fans, right?

They got max moolah. Especially the unwisely incentivized ones.

If - and this is a maximum size If - you can get them to give money, they’ll fund you to the dang moon. Faber may’ve made more than just PR mistakes, but he’s not crazy for trying to poke a hole in the LEGO fan’s wallet and catch some of the spare change.

He might be crazy for attempting to use it as leverage when speaking to other companies, though.

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A lot of the discussion is just speculation though, right? We don’t know what Faber said in any existent or nonexistent meetings. I think the best we can hope for in terms of answers at this point is an interview, although we know how that went last time.

While I have all the respect for Faber there’s certainly a problem with how he’s doing things at the moment, evident by people’s reactions to his newest posts. My recommendation is that he maybe shift things up a bit, change how he’s doing things as he’s obviously not placating people’s hunger atm.

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Edit: you guys do that?

I’m aware. I’m just unsure if your point of “max moolah” is nessecarily correct. The collectors? Definitely. But that doesn’t account for everyone within the fandom. Myself included. Maybe back in G2 I could buy a full wave, but man I’m getting older, and have less money.

I’m not nessecarily saying “crazy”, more “perhaps he should not have just relied on the backing of the few BIONICLE fans around.” True, we are LEGO fans, but do we make up a majority of LEGO’s market? If you can answer that as “yes” I think my point would be null. But I feel we’re pretty niche, which means LEGO would have to be reaching into a niche market.

My point here is this: Perhaps all BIONICLE fans are LEGO fans, but not all LEGO fans are BIONICLE fans. Which is where this difference of niche markets comes from.

Which, granted, they are doing with the collectors stuff nowadays, but I think focusing on Marvel and Star Wars is a safer way of reaching a wide collector audience. BIONICLE again? Not sure. I think LEGO would have to find a way to get casual fans into it again. And this time, for goodness sake, advertise it.

That’s my point. Using LEGO BIONICLE fans in itself may not be the best idea, unless a majority of the LEGO market agrees to such a thing. But as it stands, I think we’re getting pretty niche. Already a generation of kids who never heard of BIONICLE is growing, and I have a feeling LEGO will want to appeal to those more.

But I’d be happy to be wrong.

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Re: him proving interest in a product.
Many people following him just want to see bionicle. They won’t be interested in “legally distinct Faberonicle”. So unless he’s talking to Lego, building up a potential proof of consumer base with the way he is now is doomed to fail.

No. You can’t be serious and make a joke at the same time. That’s not allowed.


It accounts for most.

Most LEGO fans likely have the cash to buy LEGO sets if one pops up that excites them. And most LEGO fans are that way as a constant. Most LEGO fans are decent investors in the brand which actually try to have a collection of a size larger than one set.

Narrow that down to the Bionicle community, mostly comprised of 20-30 yr old white collar adults who spend their limited daylight bullying each other online and being toxic, and you have an almost entirely confirmed market with real monetary power. That’s not a gamble.

All you’ve got to do is buy one set.

If every single one of the 10,000+ people buys one set, you’ve got figures you can work with to make a brand. Faber absolutely knows this.

That’s, uh.

What I was saying.

But Faber doesn’t necessarily have to go through LEGO to make, um


And we also don’t even know what kind of a product his product would be. Stories? Toys? Art? Theoretical concepts vaguely meant to inspire? And it could be something LEGO simply can’t do. Which means talks would only be for licensing and name.

Him using the restroom with the way he is now is doomed to fail. Either he gets his head in the game and gets his PR done right (or hires someone to do it for him[fabey babey my email’s on site]) or he’s blowing his kneecaps off and attempting to swim in those deep, shadowed waters.

Because where we’re going, we don’t need lovelace.

"Who shall a name for thee create,
Deep riddle of mysterious state?
Bold Rebel Nature that gives common birth
To all products of seas and earth,
Of thee, as earthquakes, is afraid,
Nor will thy dire deliv’ry aid."
― Richard Lovelace, The Snail


And that’s also what I am saying. So we’re in agreement? :slight_smile:

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Curious though, if Faber DID make a product with something akin to striking the same ‘spirit’ of Bionicle, that was not Bionicle, and not Lego, would you guys support it and purchase that product?
I’m not sure what the medium would be for this.
Comics? Action figures? Mega Bloks?
I’m curious. I would probably be iffy on it myself

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Depends on what it is, is it available here (in Hungary), how much will it cost, etc.
If it’s a movie/toy/comic/any kind of visual medium - what is the setting? What is the artstyle and the aesthetic?
If it’s a book - will it be translated to my native language?
(Granted, these are unlikely because these are “traditional” products, but who knows? :man_shrugging:)

If it’s some kind of “creative platform/network” where people can share their creative ideas - maybe? for that I need to have a creative idea or one there that I support.


Probably not, especially considering that despite what some people here claim, his media presence is laughably small in the grand scheme of things and not big enough to allow him to talk to/convince any “big player” companies that have the resources and experience to make a product like Bionicle.

So yeah whatever he’s working on it’s most likely not going to match Bionicle’s greatness, another reason why people shouldn’t have set their expectations so high.

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From May '20

There was nothing really that game-changing revealed to me personally lately. I was only confused by the overuse of Bionicle imagery. I was interested for Fabers work and I still am. If it has a touch of familiarity I definitely don’t mind. I only wanted some clarification, because of stuff like “LEgend GO” and the lately posted “Bionicle” logo which he put into perspective a day later (a bit too late for my liking but whatever).


I’ll just add that if Faber is pitching ideas to companies (such as LEGO), then what we are seeing are just fragments of that larger pitch. (Because at this point he’d be trying to convince them of something, not us.)

Think how many years it was after BIONICLE ended that Faber was legally allowed by LEGO to share some of his old concepts. That may give an idea of why he can’t (or doesn’t want to) risk sharing specific concepts that future partners may prefer are confidential.


my humor transcends reality and becomes serious


And? Bionicle has a lot of potential and power as a niche thing. These boards wouldn’t exist if Bionicle was on the same scale as something like Star Wars. Having that dedicated and passionate audience without worrying about a need to appeal to The Wider Audience :tm: can be exceptionally freeing, especially given how elusive the coveted Wider Audience :tm: is. Popularity and big player companies don’t equal quality, and a lack of those doesn’t condemn something either. I think we can all accept that Bionicle’s time in the spotlight has gone, but that doesn’t prevent us from enjoying it on its own smaller stage.

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And someone yoinked my post. Well, here we go again…

Our opinions happen to align at the present time. Do not consider this a union.

Yes lol

That’s essentially all Faber could ever offer from the getgo, and I’m on board with… Certain preconceived notions of what those could be from the getgo. Once something begins to take a more definite form I’ll know better whether I’m on board or if I’ll sit things out.

That… Would actually make a lot of sense why didn’t I think of that before.

We may only be seeing vague snippets and a handful of very non-telling concept art because this is all out of Faber’s presentation package and he thinks all we need are the vague breadcrumbs in order to be satisfied. PR on a level that matches the lack of transparency the info provides. Heck, this way Faber doesn’t even look like a jerk, just a swamped and preoccupied business man who… Still can’t do PR for his life.

But him recycling (REBEL NATURE SAVE THE PLANET) resources is not only really probable, but really likely as well.

Yo. Dude. Thank you so much for bringing up this factor. Us small and slow brains are caught in the shadow of your brilliance and we must pay fealty in the form of likes and quotes.