Biovival Discussion (aka Christian Faber's mysterious project)

This pod holds all the dreams and knowledge of past legends and the #hibernating hope for the future. Hatching will depend on surroundings and survival options. Evolution, timing and patience are close connected with coincidence and luck nearby. Your interest and comments will power the ignition. #14B2020



h a p p e n i n g


Ignition huh. Toa capsules in ice?


You know what is happening?

Bionicle is comming back baby :open_mouth:


I think he is trying to evoke the Ignition trilogy somehow…


No Faber just lost his car keys and he needs someone to tell them where they are in the comments.


Power the Ignition…

Powering the Ignition trilogy…

Powering Mata Nui…

Waking Mata Nui…

Waking Matthew Nui…



Interesting…Bionicle is getting Ordeal of Ice.


Guys, I think we’ve gone too far here, Bionicle is never coming back! We have the memories but that’s it, it’s getting hyped for the sake of it now IMO

I’m sorry if I sound harsh but I keep seeing people here getting way too overhyped

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I mean, saying NEVER is about as ungrounded in evidence as saying it definitely will. All we know is that one of the former guys at the top of G1 is doing something involving Bionicle, and it’s about the most hopeful people will be able to get about it coming back short of lego announcing interest themselves.
I guess what I’m trying to say is… just let people have this. It’s all in good fun, and obviously getting hyped is what faber believes will help his project come to fruition. Personally, even the knowledge that something vaguely bionicle related is happening is extremely exciting for me, and I’m sure a lot of people here feel the same way. It may come to nothing, obviously, but we might as well derive some enjoyment from it before it does.



I completely second this. Even if it’s a false hope, at least Faber is giving us hope, which is more than we had two years ago.


I can’t agree more. For all we know, Faber wants us to have hope and support him. If we just dismiss his project as being just another hopeless attempt the reboot the franchise, of course it will be hopeless. But if we hope, and support Faber and his project, who knows? Maybe something will come out of it.


Me: I don’t think it’ll amount to anything beyond an art release, perhaps some concepts from the previous gens and maybe even a fe-

Faber: “Ignition”

Me, doing the crab rave: G3 confrimed


Guys, look at the location on these posts. Faber’s just saying he’s on “Planet Earth.” This is more evidence that 3IO is taking place on a cosmic scale; these pods–not canisters, but pods, as Faber said–are possibly inside comets and may land on different planets at first. The allusions to “evolution” may mean the Toa are going to take on attributes of the native species of the planets they arrive on.

The reference to the Ignition arc might indicate that these will actually be the Toa Inika/Mahri and not the Mata/Nuva, or it might reference other plot points from that era.

Stop saying things with no basis in fact, Lego’s even said they’d like to bring it back in the future, they just haven’t confirmed to have hard plans. They did say on Twitter that G2 even sold about average–not bad, average. That means the line can be popular again if the worst iteration of it we’ve gotten so far wasn’t even a true failure.

I have a better idea: you stop being a killjoy and let people have their fun, and we will go on as we are. Something is obviously happening, so there’s something to be excited for, if only a little. Let’s just do as Faber asks and let him know we have his support.


Just… holy gadunka, that sounds freaking awesome. It just shows how much potential the franchise has with just some minor twisting around of elements, no pun intended.


When did they say that?

This has always kinda been a mysterious case… When G2 ended, they actually said it sold well. What well means to them as a company I have no idea, but if it sold well, or even average, there is no reason why they should have canceled the already planned third wave. So what truly happened, kinda remains a mystery.


I can’t remember where it was for the life of me, I know it was in an interview about the art design of G2 and I initially found it on Tumblr. I think I made a BZPower thread on the matter, so I may look there, but I got no idea what it was called, so until I find it, I got nothing, sadly.

It’s no mystery, it’s the effective cost. If Lego allocates resources into a line that’s only doing average, as G2 was, when they could be funding something that’s more profitable, then that’s effectively a loss for them. G2 was pulled for the same reason G1 was–they were both doing average, and Lego wanted to cut their losses and keep the line from becoming unsalvageable.


Yes, please.

I think this is one of the most hopeful things for Bionicle, the idea that it isn’t beyond saving.


The thing is, they should have released the third wave no matter what, since this is their current policy. All their new in-house themes are planned for a initial three year run, if they do well enough, the length will be extended further, if they do normally, they will end in the third year. That was the case with Chima and Nexo Knights, and it should have been the case with G2 too, unless, of course, the sets sold terribly. As much as nothing is confirmed yet, this is the theory that is generally accepted in the LEGO community.


Well, if LEGO wants Bionicle to potentially (as in ever) come back for a third time, and the sets aren’t selling above average, the ideal thing is to halt the progress to keep demand up.


This feels like you’re just trying to be edgy.

It’s fine that you believe that BIONICLE isn’t coming back, but that doesn’t mean we all have subscribe to that philosophy. Just keep an open mind about it.