Bitil and Gavla

i didn’t have gavla’s mask, wish someone would add more ignition masks


bitil looks a lot like waspix,
but in a good way.
and as usual,
the matoran are cute.


very nice
I like how you made the wings and body.

Good job as always

I don’t have a app so can any of you answer this for me. I’ve seen thst you can basically put and mask that was made via 3D designer can you perhaps make parts that are on onto 3D design websites that you can download from then 3D print?

If you have the Part Designer tool for, it is possible to export parts as .obj files, which can then be printed.

the little minifig wings on gavla are adorable

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mmm delicis out of context

Looking fantastic again :slight_smile:

Got it. Will most likely try and get that when I get an up to date laptop