Black Fire Knight Mech

This is my lego black knight mech that i just finished today. i started out by making an inner frame then started adding armor and weapons making him look more knightly i also tried making a more gundam inspired robot by changing some of the pieces(the head and the arm). my idea was to make a knightly robot/mech that would work by using motors on its back and if it ever was outnumbered or stood against a greater foe it would overheat it self, igniting fire from its mechanical body gaining massive power and burning everything in its way :fire::fire::fire:


Does this black knight always triumph?

This is really impressive. It has so great a range of motion. I also really like the assortment of weapons you provide.


Well this is freaking fantastic!

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thanks alot dude! i was thinking for my next build of using the same inner frame but this time with white armor and wings making look like a more holy knight/angel

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That frame is fantastic.
Well done!

Edgy. Literally. Great shaping. 9.9/10

The middle arms are a bit too odd for my liking