Black Lariat

Just finished my exams and hence heres a new Moc, Black Lariat.

Really cool pose

Basically after catchin up with the Evangelion rebuild anime movies, I kinda wanted to make a cool Moc. The colour scheme is based on the Aliens from the Alien franchise. Thats about it.



Double jointed knees, toe articulation, movable torso and chest armour and 2 ball joints in the torso make it even more posable. It also has a movable jaw.

More posing



Tearing my last Moc apart

I had so much fun building and designing him. Thats it for me hope you guys liked him, comment what you think, thanks!!


Nice. Really well done


Das pretty coool, and congrats on finishing your exams fam

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@Wheatley and [quote=“Jayfa, post:3, topic:30360”]
congrats on finishing your exams fam
[/quote] Thanks guys!

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Looks pretty cool! It reminds me of the Rihno!

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holy crap that’s awesome

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@decepticonaiden and @Ghosty Thanks for the comments!

Dang… this is outstanding!
Really captured the look of an Eva unit, and is overall an extremely solid build.

For comparison sake…



might i ask whos dead mother is inside it?

anyways, nice MOC mate.

also, fitting music:

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Really good MOC! It’s just outstanding, so… nothing else to say.

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A very sad tale was secretly told trough these pictures.

he looks very nice.


Fantastic MOC! The shaping and textures come together perfectly.

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@Toa_Ketros Hey thanks, was really inspired by the anime so I had to Moc something
@Sammythekat Didn’t know you were an Evangelion fan! Thanks!
@Altair you’re name reminds me of a horse from a GameGrumps playthough :joy: Thanks for the comment!
@Darknova3529 you’re incredible, you saw a story even though there was nothing at all, anyway, thanks for the 1 paged comic book!
@Stoax Thanks man I spent like 3 days on this guy, I still haven’t clean up the lego mess on the floor!


Wait… 3 days? I usually spend weeks on stuff half as good. Even more impressive knowing that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah this looks really cool. Looks a lot like an eva. I actually thought it was based on an an actual unit, the one that goes crazy and ends up wrecking the pilot, unit 03 if I recall correctly.


This looks really nice.

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@Majora You mean the one with Asuka? probably cause its black, anyway thanks!
@Runa Thanks man!

Yeah that one. Although I’m pretty sure in the original episodic anime that it was piloted by one of Shinji’s friends unlike the rebuild movies where it is Asuka.

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just like this depicts a scene similar to the dismemberment of Bardiel.

That’s EVA 03, if you haven’t read up on le wikis

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I saw lariat in the name, I expected to see it spinning like this

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