Black 'n Silver Biped

More than half a decade ago I built this. Was supposed to be part of a toa team of the usual six elements. I don’t feel very satisfied with the other five though. So I’m just uploading this one.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

The thing on its back is supposed to represent a hammer, though I understand if that’s not clear as corrugated hoses don´t give the impression of a blunt weapon end to me at least.

Anyways, I get the feeling I’ve been a little down in this post upon rereading it. I do really want to know what you think of it though!

Also, are the images perhaps to heavy in size? I could cut them down.


My main problem with this is that the top is way too bulky. Otherwise, it’s okay for a moc built half a decade ago


The shoulder is a clunky mess, the technic chest bit sticks out alot.
It’s old so I won’t go any furture-

Taking a look at the side, it does look pretty horrifying doesn’t it?

But please do go further, regardless of its age flaws are flaws.

the colorscheme is consistant, but the build is all over the place