Black 'n Yellow devil

Part of a group of six. Each of which has a different hordika-mask, but other than that they’re not very cohesive.

I tried to get a little bit of a creepy gargoyle statue vibe going by giving this one a crooked twin-ended tail, a spear, wings (they’re a bit tiny though) and horns.

Personally I’m having trouble accepting the front and tail end of the spear. It seems like the tip is not particularly threatening. What do you think?

Also, technically there’s at least one spot where a ball joint is pushing against a connector due to the distance being a centimetre, and the ball joint having a diameter > 1 cm.

Pictures might get squished, squashed, flipped and flopped. Click on them for their original sizes.


Can you put the pictures right-side up if you can? Otherwise it’s still a great moc.


Don’t think I can tbh. Sorry.

Have you tried clicking on the pictures?


Quite a unique moc. The building style reminds me of the Bionicle dark hunters

I turned my head to look at this thing, and now my neck kinda hurts…

For some reason these message-boards rotate images. It has only happened to me here. Not on any of the other forums I’ve used puushes on.

Anyways, try clicking on the images.

Yellow-black, Yellow-black, Yellow-black, Yellow-black…
Oh Black and yellow, let’s shake things up a bit
(had to be said if no one else would)

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I seem to have missed the reference.

The bee movie script

I really like the look of this moc. It reminds me of something you’d see in Bionicle’s early years.

I completely agree.

All shall fear the