Black Panther II

Yes mates. We are getting it.

When? 6th of may 2022.
I actually pretty liked the first BP movie. The final battle was pretty cheap, but the rest of it was pretty neat, except for some colonising “jokes” here and there coming from Shuri (arguably the cringiest thing about the movie, sorry to say it).
I just hope that we will get Namor in this. Or more teases for Namor. In Endgame we got the ultimate teaser when Okoye brought up some underwater seismic activity near Wakanda. If that wasn’t a set-up, then that scene was completely pointless. But there is no reason to believe that it wasn’t a set-up.
I mean just imagine: Black Panther fighting the king of the seas. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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It’s not like that scene did anything to establish how Natasha didn’t want to move on even when everyone else did, jumping at the opportunity to do something about an event that you can’t do much about.

Black Panther was cool, and the MCU has done a pretty good job of making T’Challa an interesting character. It’ll be interesting to see how Wakanda has changed after being less isolationist, especially given that Endgame gave us another five years of progression to work with.

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Why did you find it cringy?

I thought cats didn’t like water… [quote=“jayzor17, post:2, topic:50172”]
It’ll be interesting to see how Wakanda has changed after being less isolationist

Agreed. I really hope they address this in an interesting way. Maybe they’ll finally be able to break the MCU out of it’s wishy washy “feels just like present day despite all the massive technological leaps that should logically totally alter the worldwide economy” setting.

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I think it’s more the political subtext. We don’t go to marvel or Star Wars to listen to how white people are bad and non whites are all victims. We don’t want or need to know your personal politics.

I was talking about the idea of underwater activity itself, but fair enough

I just… Couldn’t stand Shuri. I am sure that the actress is a fine woman, but I just couldn’t stand her in this movie.

Uhm… Maybe this too.


Pretty interested to see how it would turn out.

Because nine times out of ten that’s unnecessary to the plot. But in the context of Black Panther it makes more sense; as racial/national divides and how to deal with them were a part of the plot.

Anyway I enjoyed the original, so this should be good.


It absolutely makes sense in the comic history and thinking about it realistically. I want to see Wakanda’s new relationship in the world and exploring a post blip world.


Namor’s not even a bad guy. I think.

If I am correct, he clashed with Wakamda a few times in the comics.