Black Phantom - Servant of the Spider

Report came in that the dangerous villain Black Phantom got out of his max-security cell, taking a barely fueled ship, thankfully the ship had an active beacon and we were able to follow him easily. However, when the assigned party found the downed ship, most likely due to the lack of fuel during re-entry, there were strange scratch marks on the ship as if it was attacked by local creatures, yet the only footprints were his. The ship's security cameras were still on up until we found it. Since the scouting party found no sign of the escaped prisoner they took the blackbox and went back into orbit, to go through the evidence in safety. We were horrified in HQ when we saw the footage sent by them, Black Phantom talks about meeting a creature called the Lord of the Skull Spiders and how it bit him. And under the duration of a few days how his body and mind became altered. He started to look at his transformation as a blessing by the creature, pledging his servitude to the spider. His body grew spider-like legs from his back, his arm split into two, growing poison glands and the like. We never even thought a techno-organic mutation is even possible, Black Phantom has been deemed a biohazard and he must be apprehended to be quarantined and cured if possible. Due to lack of samples aside from the armor chunks he 'shed' during his metamorphosis we have nothing to use. The planet will be under surveillance from orbit we can't risk our operatives to be contaminated with this mutagen.

This guy's inspiration mainly came from The Fly movie which I assume needs no introduction, though the sequel feels unnecessary, but that's my opinion.
At first I wanted to revamp him in a way so that his little spider buddy would act as an armor attachment but instead I went with the spider mutation, since Lord of the Skull Spiders was just thrown away so fast in the Bionicle reboot, I wanted to give him a little something while he is "away" from the eyes of the Toa.


I fell like red eyes would look better to symbolize him losing his humanity(What would you call that for robots?).

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Core programming? I don't know either, but I get what you mean, sadly red glatorian heads were not made only orange and that would have clashed with the overall colors, but you gave me an idea to give him an alternate buglike head, that I could give some red eyes.

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Man does he look menacing. The spider legs do look a lot more creepy and dangerous than those silly spike things the official sets.

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he looks quite menacing, I like it, the LoSS chest makes me laugh though

For the chest I had the idea that he painted it on himself to represent his Master, but I understand it can look a little goofy

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This is fantastic in my option. Definetly better and scarrier than the original

Optic Sensors/Optics

Good MoC! There's a little too much dark red on the arms, though.

That's pretty awesome.

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Oh my goodness, it's @EvilLobsterKing!


Yeah it is, kinda, well there may be a resemblance...


This looks great! I love the way it looks and the spider legs are great! Also yah it kinda does look like @EvilLobsterKing !

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Man! I love HF MOCs! This is no exception, with it looking pretty cool!

The Black and Metru Red Colour Design and the Spider Legs on the back

Very Similar

Looks pretty cool. I like it!

Now that you mention it, I can see your point. Though I'll be honest I didn't intend to make him be similar to her design ^_^; As I stated above I was aiming for a The Fly type of feel to it, that reminds me the alternate head I should build for him, but sadly with my new job I'm a little short on MOC-ing time.

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