"blaseball is baseball at your mercy. baseball perfected, our players are inhuman. they play day and night. rain or shine. they never grow sick. they never tire.

they compete for you, the fans. your attention fuels them. we invite you to wield your influence. each season, vote to remake blaseball in your image. everything from rules to rosters is in your hands.

remember: the greater the risk, the greater the reward. so do what you do best: gamble. win big. betting is allowed, encouraged, and free.

seasons run monday to friday. the postseason ends on saturday. on sunday. we rest.

rejoice. play ball"

-the blaseball gods

this text is what first greets you when you open the blaseball website.

blaseball is an in-browser absurdist baseball simulator that has developed a devoted fanbase since it’s launch on the 20th of july 2020. you choose your favourite team and bet on games using in-game currency with no way to exchange it for real world money or real world money for the ingame currency.

catch up on the story with the blaseball roundup

so what team do you support?

we are currently in a major siesta. blaseball is planned to return in August

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