Blast Processing - The Sega Topic

Blast Processing! I am starting this topic for game recommendations and because there doesn’t seem to be any Sega love on this message board. Just completed my North American Sega Console collection (Not including handhelds): Master System, Genesis (Including CD and 32X), Saturn, and Dreamcast. Give your recommendations and general Sega discussion (even SNES VS Genesis).

Get Sonic 3, if you don’t have it. It’s an amazing game. Sonic 2 is good as well.

I dont know what games were on the Saturn really, so I can’t recommend any games for that.

Same with the Dreamcast. The only games I can think of for that is Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and I think NiGHTs Into Dreams was on there

Yeah this is pretty much where I am at now. Most of the stuff you recommended haha! NiD is on Saturn, btw. Any other awesome Sega games? I have yet to get a hold of NiD

Oops forgot one.

You lucky son of a dog.

Anyhoo, I am one who enjoys Sega Genesis games, such as Streets of Rage and the classic sonic series (Sans CD, which isn’t that great in my opinion)

Streets of Rage, eh? Is that anything like double dragon or am I thinking of something else?

It’s more like Final Fight if anything.

The first one was about three cops who decided to take on this massive crime wave themselves, by the only way that any games like this solve their problems-beating people up.