BlazingMeteor's Pictures General (TAKING IMAGE REQUESTS)

BlazingMeteor’s Pictures General

Here I’ll post images I create. They may be drawings, edited moc images, or what have you.
Here are some images:

This is one of my more popular images on Flickr (thanks for the most part by Shadowgear 6335’s liking it).

I made this one a while back when me and some others were joking in a skype group.

I made this one on a burst of inspiration to make a Jungle scene on a distant planet.

And this one is just a meme…

And finally, a turaga I made, who is now making a blizzard.

And that was my image dump.
(here’s my flickr



This is pretty fantastic photoshop. Nice work!

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Could you possibly do Tuma (with a cape and crown) on a throne? Your photoshop is excellent!

Thanks in advance! :smile:

wow ! these are awesome, good job

Alright, I’ll post when finished.


Great, thanks! :smile:

These are some of the best Bionicle photoshops I’ve ever seen. Nice work!

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Can you make a blacked out version of the mask of control?

When I’m done with Tuma’s picture, I’ll work on that next.
Edit: Since this has been taking a long amount of time (due to finals and such) I will attempt to do both at the same time. So one may come out before the other, so heads up.
Alright, here’s your picture, if you need any change, just lemme know.


I like the poster for Shadowgear’s Migrator. May I suggest making some of the pictures a little less blurry.

How so? They look fine for me. If it’s the last 2, then it’s probably my camera.

Can you please colorize this, crop it out of the math work, and add in the '08 box art background?

You don’t need to keep the crappy mask to his upper right. As for colors, I’d like a sivery white mask, melded with black at the bottom, silver claws, black wings on the hands and back, silvery white arms and legs, and black feet and body. Also, the shadow leach should be melded blue and orange and look iery.

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