Bleezard is a hf moc. It is a bezarre fly . That is my first post over here ,so I hope you like it


It’s very messy, however it is still a good build.

Get a better camera. The one you’re using doesn’t do the amazingly built moc justice.
No, like seriously. The moc is really cool, but the poor quality and poor background and lighting detract from it.


thx for the tip . I agree , but I dont have somethink better to work with.


Dude, you’re on one of the best websites for this. People here are really artistic, and know alot about doing the best with what you’ve got.

I’m not one of those guys, but I can try to help you out with what I know. With darker mocs such as this one, try to use a darker background. If you have a sheet on your bed that’s dark (or a dark towel), try to drape it over a cabinet so that it’s on the floor and the background, and place the moc there.
Don’t point light directly from the camera to the moc; try to do it from the top and the sides, so as to get rid of shadows.
Doing these things will most likely make up for (at least a little bit) a not-so-good camera.
If you’re using a phone, I suggest taking at least like 5 pictures of each pose & position, changing the focus for each one so as to get one that isn’t as blurry.
I can’t even tell you how many pictures I need to take before I get a good one, and how many trash pictures I have in my folders.

I dunno. That’s all I know. Try to look at people who have really good looking pictures, and don’t feel shy to ask them. I’ve asked people about things to do with mocs, and the people on these boards are always really helpful.


Man , thats one of the nicest things someone has done for me without knowing me .It is really good having people like you in websites like this one . Thnx for the tips. I will try my best to do the things you told me.


Ay man, no problem. It really sucks when people build a good moc, but it doesn’t get recognition as such because it’s not presented as well as the other mocs of its type are.

Welcome to the Boards!

Best part of this guy is the face! Really awesome build here! The colors and the build toward the back are a little messy, but really the shape and look are spot on!

I would recommend taking more and better pictures. Like @Novel said, everyone here has some great advice, so just asking around or finding a topic is a big help!

My advice mostly follows Novel’s, but I would say to use a light background for a darker MOC so the MOC doesn’t blend into the background.

Also, I would recommend generous amounts of photo editing. Take your photos, get them on your computer (plug in the camera if you’re using one, email them if you’re using a phone or tablet), then get them into an editing program. I personally use Photo Director 5 for Windows 10, but before that I used the default editing tools that are on the computer.

I recommend cropping the picture down to only what is needed, dropping down the tint closer to blue, raising the exposure, mess around with the colors and contrast to make the MOC pop and clear away unnecessary colors in the background, then finish with adding a little sharpness. That should let everyone see the MOC clearly!

Good luck in the future!

In hindsight, the darker background (like darker-ish gray, not black) mostly only applies to me, as whenever I use a light background, the black parts of the mocs always blend together and look like a blob due to my camera :
I suppose this can be fixed with photo editing, like you said, but I myself need to try that out.
Again, this is a pretty gouda moc :>

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thnx for the tips , but I got one quetion : How can I get a foto when a moc is on a flying position without me holding it ?

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make a stand for it.


Just as he said, use some parts to make a stand for it. If you make it small enough, you can probably get away with just showing the stand as it is, but if you don’t want it there, you can look online for videos on how to remove it from the picture.

I would describe how, but it takes some explaining.

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i love that mouth i really do. sadly i cant really see the rest of the MOC but from what i can see it looks pretty good

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