Blink - Stand for Ember

I was originally going to have this character as the Stand for Kardymis… But when I finished it, it looked better paired with Ember…

Destructive power - B
Speed - A
Range - C
Durability/Staying - B
Precision - A
Developmental potential - B

Blink has the ability to constantly tap in and out of reality… Whenever he it out of reality he becomes more focused, is immune to any damage, and his Speed is increased further.

I’m new to the whole Stand thing, so if Anything’s off just let me know. Apart from that, tell me what you think…


I like the moc, looks really good, I don’t know why everyone does the pelvic thrust anime pose it looks weird, and I don’t understand the “Stand” thing, but yeah, nice moc


I think you should leave those bandolier pieces permanently attached, it looks better, and, idk, more “stand-like” imo.
I also think the color scheme is a little bland for a punch ghost, maybe try to add some more trans blue.
I think the build overall is fine.

Thanks, but… Punch ghost?

Looks pretty neat

Interesting and inspired, it proves that metallic color-schemes do not always turn MOCs bland.

I like it, but feel seeing the G2 face is weird, but that’s just me.

No offense but the moc looks really under armoured and basic when compared to your previous mocs like Kardymis and Saisentan.etc . While its posing seems to be pretty good the lack of pieces makes it look a little unfinished.

The whole body is custom. How is that basic?

Well in my opinion it looks under armoured especially the limbs when compared to the really solid custom torso, which to me, make the rest of the moc look basic

Your definition of basic needs updating.

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I can assure you that it is far from basic, and although the limbs may look under armored, it is a struggle to find armor that thin…


The hole stand thing is from Jo Jo’s bizarre adventure if I’m not mistaken.
and the amount of pelvic thrust shots is disturbing…



You should see my next one…:stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve never watched Jojo, from what I can tell :stuck_out_tongue:

No but I know of it.

Pelvic thrusts are a thing across many cartoons actually… I always found it… disturbing.