Blue Guardian


Kinda curious how this’ll be received. I got some mixed feedback on the general design of this so I’ll wait and see. My gut is telling me that this works so I’m sticking with this design.

Only thing I couldn’t fix about this from what I wanted were the small gold circles; they’re covering up blue pins and I couldn’t find anything else that looked better.



Great use of those weapon pieces, they work very well as wings. Overall this is a very interesting combination of semi-organic looking bits and mechanical details. I think it works well.

The thing I love about your MOCs is how you create an overall mold and shape. I love the shaping of this one especially. I think it’s the taper - too often, I see MOCs that seems to rectangular and static in shape. The way you use parts always contribute to a shape, and that shape flows.

The little protrusions from the golden wing blades do kind of ruin the shape coming from the back, but there’s nothing you can really do about it and it’s a minor complaint. I also get what you’re saying about the gold circles - the ones on the bottom wing. They’re flat and round, while every other gold piece is either angular or has angular texturing on it (like the Bohrok shield-turned chest piece), and so it feels slightly out of place because it betrays the otherwise cohesive design.

But those are minor complaints on a really great design. I think you were right with sticking with your gut. I’m not as well versed in MOCing as the rest of the cast, but I think you made a good call.

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Shape and color distribution is glorious

Pretty great.

Reminds me strongly of the Stardust Guardian from Terraria

I love the way the wings look, as well the way the different masks are placed, especially to make the head, all look fantastic. I also love the way you made these small greebly areas appear out of the blue, although it does seem to conflict the aesthetic a bit, it still gives a really cool effect. Overall, fantastic job.

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Some really good shaping here, all the criticisms I have are already voiced.

The day the noob builder community learns how to greeble will be the day my faith in the MOCist community will be restored.

For now, this’ll have to do. Absolutely incredible work!

Very nice shaping and design!

Question about the gold circles: what kind of blue pins are underneath them? Do they have a plus on one side and a circle peg on the other? If so, if you have any of the old version of the smooth pins (the ones that were grey before they were made tan), you might be able to use those instead and not need the golden bits there.

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