Blue Monster Rahi MOC

I couldn't think of a better name for it, but I think it looks pretty cool.

Please excuse the A-symmetrical shoulders, I really didn't feel like finding a piece that had fallen off a few years ago.

More of a profile from the side.

From the front.

On it's hind legs.

Another view.
Well, I hope you like it.


It has... interesting physique

but the color is too all over. Atleast try to limit it to two or three types of blues, not all!

@JMP I kind of consider it 3 shades, because I thought that the glow in the dark parts were similar enough to light blue.
@The_Wanderer Thanks! That was kind of the idea!

It's pretty good, but looks a bit messy.

Interesting color scheme. It could probably use some refinement. The creature looks best when on four legs, kind of scary looking too. Good job!


But seriously, it isn't a bad MOC. A little more details on it would've made it better, and maybe even it was a little more slimmer.

Other than that, pretty good :smiley:

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