BLUE SCR33N 0F DEATH (Bio-Cup 2022)

My entry for Round One of Bio-Cup 2022, originally wanted to make something inspired by Simon Stalenhag’s work but it morphed into this!

Hello, Billy Microsoft here, if you’re populace control unit is…acting up…just call our 24 hour helpdesk and our friendly staff will get right on it :slight_smile:


Behind the scenes ‘based’ fridge-posting :stuck_out_tongue:
In hindsight I should have waited until the next day but I misunderstood the due time…next time I’ll learn! And maybe I’ll learn how to remove pesky shadows.

[BLUE SCR33N 0F DEATH | Hello, Billy Microsoft here, if you’r… | Flickr]

C&C welcome :smiley:

(BLUE SCR33N 0F DEATH | Hello, Billy Microsoft here, if you'r… | Flickr)


This thing rocks and I think you still hit the Stalenhag nail on the head, morphed or not. I love the use of the spring shocks in the torso; I really enjoy actual mechanical function built into a Technic figure, Bionicle or otherwise. I also noticed the HF head semi-truck; I think that’s a clever little detail. You really amplified the horror of the blue screen of death by having a gigantic vacuum-tube monitor towering over me on the freeway (at least, it feels like I’m there).



Glad to hear that, I did try to make it suitably greebled and damaged along with being semi-retro. Guess my original idea was much more ambitious and involved a larger car (sorta forced perspective) with brake lights on, halted by a robot snagged in all these powerlines. But I’m glad it still is close.

Me too! It even has a spine made of the shortest ccbs pieces and can swivel and ab crunch. Although none of that’s seen in the final thing :stuck_out_tongue: But I definitely want to reuse the frame in some Toa build etc.

A lot of people so far have loved the truck! it was a last minute thing too! The back is Jackstone to perhaps appease Judge Melman…If I had more time I would have loved to bathe the scene in blue monitor light!

:star_struck: :100: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks!!!


An HF head as a truck cab?


The crotch is weird tho.



Yeah it was kinda slapped together…

Ooh this moc is really cool! I quite like all the mechanical details and the truck is pretty neat.

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nice truck build :stuck_out_tongue:

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