Boba fett W.I.P

ya know, I kind of feel sorry for the original actor for Boba, his voice gets replaced, his name is taken out of the credits ( I think anyway) and all for the sake of continuity, and I can’t even remember the original actors name.

George Lucas you scum…

I don’t hate good old George, he’s has made mistakes for sure, but no ones perfect


I really love all the detailing in this, the quote was also a nice addition.

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Really sketchy so far, and could use some lines, but so far this is a good piece.

What I like:

  • The helmet is pretty neat, especially with the bump being detailed onto it.
  • How the armor is drawn
  • Attention to details on his costumes.

What needs to be fixed:

  • The hand is a little too thin.
  • Could use some more wrinkles in the clothes.
  • The quote is “He’s no good to me dead.” :stuck_out_tongue:

crap, I can’t believe I got his quote wrong…
thanks for the feed back though!

This looks amazing!

thanks bro, but it ain’t done yet!

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Dang. Is there a source image for this? It’s really great!

Looks awesome. Good job!

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